Travel Packing List - 60 Things You need during Vacation

When you travel, it is important that you pack everything that is needed. This is the standard travel packing checklist that we use. We updated it several times and now it seems to be complete. If we missed something, let us know in the 'comments' section! If you are planning a vacation, or even going on a business trip, it is a good idea to print this checklist.

Note: This list is does not include kids' items. 

1. Tooth brush
2. Tooth paste
3. Mouth wash
4. Floss
5. Shower gel
6. Bath soap
7. Shaving gel, Razors, after shave, Trimmer, electric razor
8. Shampoo and conditioner
9. Hair styling gel
10. Comb and hair brush
11. Hair dryer, Curling and flat iron
12. AntiPerspirant
13. Perfume
14. Moisturizer for face, body and foot.
15. Tampons, pantyliner
16. Foundation, conceal, blush, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, lip stick, leg foundation.
17. Sunscreen for face and body,
18. Chap Stick.


20. Bug spray
21. Medicines for Headaches, Vomiting and Diarrhea
21. Energy bars
22. Beach towels, Beach Sheets
23. Cereals, Disposable bowls, spoons and plates (great idea if hotels don't serve breakfast)
24. Pressing Iron 

Clothes & Accessories for Him:

25. Under wear
26. Swim shorts, Cargos, Jeans
27. Formal Pants
28. Shirts , T-shirts, Sweaters
29. Bandana
30. Sun glasses
31. Flip flops, shoes , socks
32. Hat
33. Wrist Watch

Clothes & Accessories for Her:

34. Panties, Thong, Bikini, Bra
35. Shorts, Capri, skirts
36. Tops, Dress, sweaters
37. Sunglasses
38. Hat
39. Beach bag, Hand bag
40. Sandal, flip flops
41. Bandana, shawl
42. Hair pins, safety pins, hair band, clips
43. Bracelets, necklace, Earrings.
44. Wrist Watch

Travel documents:

45. Passport, I -94 and Immigration documents.
46. Check valid visa for entering foreign country.
47. Travel ticket and Hotel confirmation


48. Cell Phone & charger 
49. Camera & charger
50. Camcorder & charger
51. Tripod
52. Laptop & charger
53. Usb connectors
54. Headphones

Do NOT forget to carry: 

55. Wallet / Purse
56. Driving License
57. Cash in Foreign Currency

During flight:

58. Sleeping Mask
59. Neck Rest
60. Ear Plugs

While the list can certainly be made longer, it is important that you pack as lightly as possible too. Print this list, check off the items and have a good vacation!


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Great tips! The list is very complete and contains everything necessary that need to be packed for a trip. Well done:)

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