Bamiyan Buddhas

Bamiyan Buddhas were the most impressive statues of the world and were destroyed by the Taliban Government. This repulsive act of destruction was condemned by the other countries of the world. Sadly, we will never be able to go and look at these monumental structures of beauty.

Does a third "Hidden" Buddha still exist?

According to buddhist scriptures and the eyewitness account of Xuanzang a Chinese pilgrim, there was third huge statue. Unlike the other two, the third Buddha statue was in sleeping (lying) position. Many people have theorized that this third statue has been buried underground. Many archaeologists have been searching for the 3rd Bamiyan Buddha.

Cave Paintings of Bamiyan - The oldest Oil Paintings?

When the Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed, the Taliban Muslims were shocked to find what was beneath the statues. Behind the statues were around 50 caves which was used (once upon a time) as a dwelling place for buddhist pilgrims. Twelve of the fifty caves had wall paintings, mostly of Buddha and pictures depicting pilgrimage. Below, you can see the pictures of these cave paintings (the faces have been riddled with bullets by the Taliban). These are considered to be the oldest oil paintings in the world. The other important feature is that the artists have generously used lapiz lazuli for blue color in these paintings.

These statues were build around 6th Century in the Bamyan Valley (Afghanistan). Unlike other statues which are made from rocks transported from elsewhere, these statues were directly hewn on the cliff itself.

A mysterious sutra inside the Statues?

A japanese magazine which was present during the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas, reported that the Taliban found some very old palm scripts hidden in the statues. Many Buddhists believe that these scripts contain the Sutra for spiritual enlightenment. The Taliban reportedly whisked it away quickly and it was never seen again.

Here is a video of an old documentary video about the Bamiyan Buddhas:


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For destroying such wonderfull historical things because it belongs to Hazaras That's why............
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I am so sad we will never be able to see this again. What a shame.

No, as being a Hazara I think we were not a good defender of budah's it is just because of ourselves and none of the countries have this right to say something about this because where were they at that time when taliban came to Afghanistan and when the were destroying it???

Because of this vandalism, and for no other reason. I have just been to a Muslim bookshop in the city of Manchester UK.
I bought 3 Koran books, and have set a fire using the books. I used them as fuel to bbq some pork chops. yummy I would never have done this if the Buddha’s had been left alone!

ppl u talkin about Taliban and how they destroyed these ancient statues and how wrong this is but the Europeans have destroyed way more relics and people and erase most off the planet there is something about these paticular statues and the info they held

the buddha's nature is empty. Look at the socket where it should stand. Dharma teaching is hard. To bad the sutra's got lost though.

it is not just Talban it s pashtoon too, fuck talibans and every pashtoons in all of the world

Taliban or right said pashtoons have not aby history in Afghanistan and they couldnt see the minority Hazaras large history. int beacause they destroyed it. The Hazara is the most anti taliban people in Afghanistan and they are allwayes taget for Taliban attack and terrorism whitch called the pashtoons terrorism

i'm a son of those buddas /other nations has no history older than Hazara .if u wont belive see our fathers statues .

Buddha never wanted to be depicted in form..let go

Hi Varanasi Prem, thanks for the insightful comment. Yes it is true that Buddha did not want to be depicted nor worshiped. But it happens and will happen like any other religion.

@ varanasi prem,
the artist created an art form which was dearest to his heart and this was Buddha / or his memory.
No body has the right to destroy any bodys feelings or creation.

Hi is that sutra picture is real from afghan . If it is the letters are in TAMIL which is the south indian language

There are so many sights, the big statue looks really cool, it seems to me that it was built many centuries ago.

I think those budahs are much older.

Please upload the old video of the Bamiyan statues to YouTube. Thank you.

My heart cries when I see these Beautiful ancient ststues are destroyed how stupid people the were that they destoryed our valueable historical budhas god damn it them.

Such ancient monuments help us understand the scale of the work that was done during such an incredible construction.

Past civilisations have so much to teach us-we need to be ready to learn

Taliban are asshole, fuck you Taliban!

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