Nazca Lines in Peru

No matter how many places you go, Nazca lines (or Nasca) the weirdest and the most perplexing sight in the world. These figures were drawn by Nazca tribes around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, and sometimes ranging over six hundred feet wide. The wicked part is you can not see what it is from the ground, you can only make out the figures when you fly above the ground!!

So all the pictures below were taken when flying over it (You can click on the picture to get a bigger view)

A Tree

A spider drawn as one continuous line, just with hand made tools and no measurements??

An owl?

A monkey spanning atleast 450 feet wide:

A humming bird

A fish

A dog (humorously referred to as the oldest dog in the world)

And this is perhaps the most weirdest of them, it looks like an astronaut with one finger pointing to the sky, and the other pointing to the ground. It is the most goosefleshing when you fly above it and you feel like the drawing is conveying a message to YOU.

Here is a map of all the other figures and their locations. You are typically handed one of these when you board the aircraft.

So yeah, all you need to do is just fly over to Lima, Peru and pay a small fee to look at it from above!


i have always found nazca lines super intriguing.

your nazca photos are amazing. can you post the rest of the pictures (llamas, hands,etc)??

Nice nasca pics but i want to know the theories behind why these lines were drawn and who was it drawn for?

Vivian, Thanks for the comment. Very soon, there will be a post detailing Nazca theories and some interesting folklore. So, please check back in a week or so.

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