A Critical Review of Hotel Julamis Merida, Mexico

So there are a lot of great reviews about this hotel so we decided to check it out ourselves. The first thing we noticed is that it's not a hotel but it's actually a big house that has several different sizes of rooms.
Above: Hotel Julamis Main Gate

Here are the major issues we found while staying at Julamis.

Parking Problems:

This hotel has some serious parking problems, as there is no assigned parking lot for this hotel. You have to park on the streets (Parallel Park ) and if you manage to find a parking spot which is actually pretty tough on weekdays , a cop can give you a ticket for no reason.

Lack Of Amenities:

The other problem is that the lack of gadgets in the room. First of all, there is no phone in the room! Secondly, there's no TV and third,  there is no microwave and there's no coffee machine. Now,  there's no coffee machine in the lobby and there's no phone in the lobby either! So your only option is to basically ask and we don't know if they will give it to you. In the lobby you'll have a computer which is connected to the Internet and there's a printer attached to it. There is no clock or alarm, no iron board, no iron and no hair dryer in the rooms. However, there is a small fridge in which you will find 2 bottles of water , 2 cans of beer, 2 pepsis and 2 sprites.

Payment Problems:

They do not accept credit cards and they don't prefer to get paid via PayPal. They expect you to pay cash, especially in pesos.

Other issues:

One of the major issues that you cannot even get a cup of coffee when you wake up. I literally have to wait till 8 o'clock and Even if i just asked for a cup of coffee and was given a full breakfast and told us that it was one less thing to worry about.

They don't change the towels or the sheets everyday, they only change it every other day. and they do clean your rooms even if you ask not to do it.

The rooms are not in their best shape and they need a paint job.

Positive points of Julamis:

Breakfast is from 8 to 9 and following things are served: Juice, coffee or tea, white or wheat bread, eggs as you like it, and then a bowl of fruits.

The hotel owners or the home owners, Mel and Andre are really nice people they help as much as possible. They carry your luggage to your rooms and from you room when you're leaving. If you have problem parking the even take your car and try to find a parking spot for you. Mel is also very good in providing directions to various destinations in and around merida. This is especially useful as the calles (streets) are very confusing and most of them are one-way roads.

All in all , this hotel is an OK hotel but I think it is overrated on tripadvisor. It is a good bang for the buck as the cost of the room for the night is roughly US $65. But it is definitely not the hotel to stay if you want full amenities and it is not holiday inn.


hank you and this article I just plan to visit Mexico with my family and grateful for any characteristics of this accomodation hotels in this country. I really liked your article.

This type of the hotel has some disadvantages, which will surely repel the customers. However, everyone can find them special and even unusual.

He leído los comentarios y si bien es cierto que carece de las amenidades con que cuentan los hoteles de grandes cadenas, en eso reside su especial encanto.
Yo tenía reservación en el Hyatt Regency de Mérida pero después de quedarnos una noche en el Hotel, preferimos gustosos cancelarla por el charming y toque especial de Alex, su propietario.
Sin duda, los desayunos son un punto culminante de la estancia en cada día y la amabilidad de Alex los hacen aun mejores.
Hay áreas de oportunidad que mejorar péro aun así yo vi el hotel totalmente lleno durante los 8 días de mi estancia ahi.
Porque sera?

After reading this article, I can say that I clearly understood that this hotel absolutely does not meet my requirements and is not suitable for my vacation.

Too bad. I stayed there, it was Great!

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