Alien Tools & Symbols in Unseen Nazca Lines, Peru

When we hear or read about Nazca lines, we often think of animal shaped figures like monkey or spider. Some of may even think of runways that are spread over the entire Nazca desert. But nobody likes to talk about these mysterious symbols that make no sense to us.

Above: A mysterious complicated machine like drawing

 Look at this picture above: What is this? You can mistakenly think of it as an Antler's horn or even a tree's root system. If you believe that Nazca people did their best to draw Antler's horn or roots and this is what they could come up with, you are wrong. Remember, Nazca figures were close to perfect many times, like the spider. So, this is something else, that we cannot understand. Was this an Alien with many limbs? Was this some kind of tools used by superior beings?

Below: The same complicated machine like drawing from a different angle

Look at this one below: A windmill or a fan. But there were no fans or windmills during the time of Nazca! So what does it represent?

Above & Below: A Windmill or a fan like object

Here is another fan or windmill with curved blades. Our modern day historians simply dismiss it as a flower! Could it really be a flower. That seems to make more sense, doesn't it? After all Nazca people were crude human beings with no sense of complicated tools! 

Above: Another windmill with curved blades

Above: A complicated tool with hooks 

Look at the figure above, this is unmistakably a tool. It has four arms of equal length and one longer arm. Each arm has a curved hook at the end. It has a ring in the center. This is just one example of the thousands of Nazca symbols no one wants to talk about.

This one, looks like the head of a modern day rake. What was this used for?

Above & Below: Drawing similar to the edge of a modern day rake

Here is another mind blowing figure. Look at the geometry.Two spiral rectangular lines radiate out and meet at one point. After this point, they become parallel lines.

 Above & Below: An amazingly complex geometry depicted in Nazca

What could this be? Was this a complex tool used by Extra terrestrials? Does this geometry mean anything?

Fish hooks? What are these? These look like fish hooks to us, but are they really fish hooks? Why do they have more than one hook and overlapping lines?

Above: A combination of many hook like, overlapping structure

What about this figure? This is definitely not an animal or a plant, but a mechanical instrument of some kind. Some edges are curved with hooks while some edges are blunt. What could this be? A high tech weapon of some kind? An instrument used for drilling, may be?

Above: A complex tool depicted with Nazca lines

Another superb geometric figure: The smaller circle contains a concentric circle within. Nearby, there is a bigger circle which contains two overlapping rectangles. These two circles are interconnected by lines. What does this mean? Is this some kind of a machine? Remember, archaeologists claim that wheels were not invented and never used in this region. Does this make any sense? Also, notice how perfect these circles are. How were they drawn without any measuring instruments?

Above: A complex geometric figure with multiple circles and rectangles.

A long continuous line, that proceeds to create an illusion of parallel lines. There is also a thicker straight line that cuts through this. Evidently The thicker line must have been drawn after the thinner line.

Above: A line transposes into a series of pseudo-parallel lines

Now you can make a calculated guess if these were done by primitive people without getting any inspiration from external influences. These lines are rarely talked about, and archaeologists deliberately try to hide these symbols in Nazca, just like they do not want to talk about mysterious faces and symbols found in Machu Picchu.  If you are still a skeptic, there is one important question you would want to ask: "If extra terrestrials really visited and inspired the Nazca people, why is there no Nazca line about Aliens or their Aircrafts?" . Just click here for Aliens in Nazca and "Alien Aircrafts Of Nazca".


Interesting theory about antennas. I never looked at it that way before, but yes they do look like antennas.

Yeah like blueprints. and did you know about these giant effigies they discovered in Peru.
the human brain has been around for many thousands of years. ancient people were much smarter than we think. some bad disaster destroyed those civilizations and it can happen again. How many of the average people today can build something high tech?. most people in the world spend their lives making a living. very few people can invent and build tecnology. if we get hit by some big global catastrophe we will be reduced to a tribal society in less than a year.

Hi lboggerfilepro,

Thanks for giving yet another interesting link. I agree these amazing sites around the world are proof that there were much more advanced civilizations than us. Yet we try to diminish them as primitive tribal people. If we had a global disaster now, we would have to start from we did before.

Great! Interesting post in here.

Beautiful and intriguing pictures. Hopefully someone will explain them in the future.

Or you know, they were practicing for the spiders and eagles etc. It must have taken a bit of skill to draw such huge perfectly symetrical designs, so surely practice was necessary.

Has anyone ever considered that some sections of the Nazca lines could be blueprints for a micro-processor or quantum processor? Just a thought....

I have... it is exactly what I'm trying to find if anyone else shares similar ideas.

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