Were Aliens Depicted in Nazca Lines, Peru?

If aliens visited the Nazca people of Peru, why did the Nazca people NOT draw what they saw? Why stick to just drawing animal figures, right? Wrong! Here are the pictures that archaeologists don't want you to see. Even Ancient Alien theorists have not shed light on these photographs. There are hundreds of these mysterious, alien like figures drawn on the desert of Nazca.

At the left side, an alien figure with wings and gas mask - Approaching  a flying object on the right
In the picture above, A mysterious humanoid figure is shown with two legs and two hands. However he seems to be wearing something like a gas mask on his face, and some kind of head gear. He has a pair of rectangular wing like projections attached at the back. Notice how is depicted as though he is looking up to another mysterious Nazca figure. What is he looking at? An aircraft? Some kind of an alien tool or weapon?

Left: A mysterious half elephant - half human figure; Right: A girl - like figure

How about the picture above? Clearly looks like an elephant with big ears and a trunk. But experts agree that elephants were native only to Africa and Asia. So, how could the Nazca people depict an elephant if they had never seen one.

The same picture from a distant view. 
Also, is this just an elephant or a half human - half elephant figure? To the right of this mysterious figure, you can see a humanoid figure standing. It looks like a girl in a skirt and a hat. What are the Nazca people trying to convey to us? Is there a secret message that needs to be deciphered?

Two extra terrestrial figures with head gears and wires from their helmets

Above, you can see two faded alien figures with rectangular heads, round mouths and spiked hair, standing side by side.  Is this spiked hair, a head dress or really helmets with wires? Why was it necessary to draw these figures in the middle of nowhere?

Four mysterious alien like figures with antennas and rectangular suits

From the far left: An extra terrestrial figure with rectangular helmet and body armor. It also has four antennas popping out of the helmet. Next, another human like figure with antennas radiating from his head. Or is it a lion-human figure? Lions are not native to Peru and there was no way for Nazca people to have seen them. It also seems to be wearing some kind of goggles. On the right, there are two more smaller figures with antennas in their heads.

Do you still think that these drawings represented human beings? Look below, this is how the humans were drawn on Nazca lines.

A human shown in Nazca lines

This is a human with a tall hat, shown in Nazca lines. His hand seems to be holding something, and both his legs are visible. Look at the simplicity of this drawing as opposed to the other pictures. No complex head gears, antennas, other attachments. Also, see how curves have been used in the drawing, as opposed to rectangular, linear drawings in the others.

A bird like figure, but with two rectangular hind legs

Above, a bird like figure with a long beak, wings and talons. But note that it also has long, human like legs. Look at how straight, artificial looking lines are used to make the drawing. The wing looks like a base jumping suit's wing.  The longer legs do not have claws, as opposed to the claws shown on the upper, smaller limbs.  Regular birds have been depicted in other Nazca lines, devoid of any irregularities.

The same figure from a distant view

Below, you can see a couple of more faded figures that have geometrically straight features. Note that they are really faded, implying that these must be some of the oldest Nazca lines. Were the Nazca people visited by extra terrestrials? Are the drawings meant for us, the future generation ? Or were the drawings meant for the sky - people? 

An alien like figure in the desert of Nazca, Peru

Multiple rectangular humanoid figures standing side by side

If you are still not convinced, may be you would like to check out the Unseen Nazca lines showing alien tools and symbols. Don't forget to leave your comments, no matter what they are!


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