Duquesne Incline Museum - 50 Cents Take You 135 Years Back

Duquesne Incline is one of the top 10 things to do in Pittsburgh, but did you know that there is a hidden museum inside? You can view the working machinery of the 136 year old incline cars. The entry fee is 50 cents and you can see the miracle of the old gears and cables working their magic, just like they began in 1877. If you like, you can watch my video tour of the Duquesne Museum Incline, or you can read below.


 Tip: Take the exact change which is 2 quarters (50 cents)!  For more tips on taking the Incline, click here.

 As soon as you reach Mount Washington via the Duquesne incline, take the hidden passage at the left. You will also see a small sign board that says "David H. Miller Working Museum". Pop two quarters in the self checkout machine and you can go down the machine room. You will see a bunch of old machinery, gears, ropes, cables all connected together. But then, they all start working, when the Duquesne Incline moves up or down! Then you realize this is the actual working room of the Incline!

You can see the set up of the equipment and the working chart posted on the walls. The sheaves, gears and cables work together to move the funicular cars up and down Mount Washington. The parts are also clearly marked, if you would like to create a replica or a model. 

There are also a plethora of old equipment and broken devices arranged for our view. Remarkably, the original design still works after 136 years! Other interesting facts about the Duquesne Incline are also posted, for example it runs at a speed of 800 feet in 80 seconds or 6 miles an hour. You can see more detailed information about the Duquesne Incline here

Outside the Duquesne Incline Museum, is a One-Cent weighing machine more than a 100 years old. Imagine how cheap life would have been back then! To give you another example, how much do you think the total building cost of the entire Duquesne Incline? Just 47,000 Dollars!

If you ever visit Pittsburgh, don't miss the Duquesne Incline and definitely check the museum out. It will take you back to 1877 and it is worth a lot more than 50 cents!

Don't take the Duquesne Incline before reading this!


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