Just Ducky Tours - The Fun Way To Learn About Pittsburgh

Want a fun way to tour around Pittsburgh? Take the "Just Ducky Tours" that takes you on both land and water. If you are visiting Pittsburgh, it is a good idea to have a guided tour around the city. Since Pittsburgh also has rivers, it is a great idea to take an amphibious tour.

Watch the video below to see the highlights of the tour:

Price & Info

Price: $22 for adults, $15 for children and $5 for infants (Group rates & chartered rates are also available)
Operational Months: April 1 to October 31 and November weekends
Timings: 10.30 A.M to 6 P.M (every 90 minutes)
Duration: 1 Hour
Phone: 412-402-DUCK (3825)
Email: info@justduckytours.com

The tour begins at Station square in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. There are around 5 "Ducks" that can carry plenty of tourists, but there is a long line nevertheless. The amphibus or aquabus as it is called, were designed by General Motors for World War II.  It was crucial to have vehicles that would transport men and ammunition through water and land. They were called Ducks, but were spelled DUKW. After the second World War, they gradually went out of vogue in the military, but are now used as amphibus for touring purposes all over the world. Another popular amphibus tour is in Montreal, Canada.

Above: A long line waits to board the Just Ducky Tours in front of Hard Rock Cafe
The tour starts in Pittsburgh downtown, where you can see around 30 skyscrapers including PPG place, UPMC building and the Grant building. The guides explain the history of Pittsburgh and fill you in on more recent developments, like Pittsburgh being voted as having the second best view in the U.S. After about 25 minutes on land, the vehicle enters the Monongahela river and starts acting as a boat.

Above: A kid proudly "drives" the DUCK in Monongahela river
In water, kids are allowed to take turns to steer the wheel and "drive" the DUCK. You can see the Golden Triangle, Mount Washington and Duquesne Incline from the river.  Other important structures like the Rivers Casino, PNC Park and Carnegie Science Center are also shown. Another fun sight is to watch the Gateway Clipper and other private boats.

Above: Just Ducky Tours - Bus or A Boat?
Fun Facts:

1.  To be a great member of the "DUCK", you quack three times whenever you see an interesting person pass by.

2.  The tickets also include coupons which give 15% off on nearby restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe, etc.

3. It is a good idea to book in advance, as they do get sold out on busy days.

If you've never taken an amphibus tour, I strongly recommend that you take this tour. Enjoy!


which one is better ducky tours or gateway clipper?

They are both great, if you have never taken an amphibus tour and new to Pittsburgh, I recommend Ducky tour. They explain about Pittsburgh and you can ride both on land and water. If you have a date or want to dine and wine, Gateway clipper is an awesome experience. Good luck!

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