Krishna's Butter Ball - Ancient Aliens In India?

This monolithic granite rock found in Mahabalipuram India, is over 20 feet in height. With its width almost equal to its height, it is looks spherical in some angles but not a perfect sphere. This mysterious rock is known as Krishna's Butter Ball in the last 50 years, although its original name is "Vaanirai Kal".  It weighs over 250 tons and miraculously stands on an extremely small, slippery area of a hill. This fantastic rock raises some serious questions to us.
Krishna's Butter Ball is over 250 tons and is over 20 feet tall
Natural formation? Impossible!
Many people think of this rock as a natural formation. However, such a natural formation is highly impossible. There is no way it could have come to this shape by erosion, water flow or the blowing wind. The rest of the area is a smooth hill, and is devoid of any other large rocks. Having established that this is not a natural formation, who could have put this here? Even in modern days, moving a 250 ton rock uphill would be a very difficult task and require complex equipment such as cranes. How did the people do it 1200 years ago?
Krishna's Butter Ball is NOT a natural formation caused by erosion or corrosion
The Dangerous, Narrow Base
Look at how the rock stands on the hill. The rock stands on less than 4 feet area on the hill. Even a layman knows that a wide base is important for a structure to last longer. How does a 250 ton rock stand on less than 4 feet base? Is it possible even with our modern technology? Also, notice where it stands: Not on a horizontal plane, but on a slippery slope. Imagine placing a ball on a ramp, how fast would it roll down? How does a rock standing on a slippery slope stand there for 1200 years?
This elliptical rock stands on a slippery slope and is in contact with only 4 feet below
It is immovable (they tried)
The base of the rock is firmly "attached" to the hill below. In fact in 1908 the Governor of Madras (Arthur Lawley, 6th Baron Wenlock) thought that this rock was too dangerous and would slide off the hill, and cause harm to people and houses nearby. So, he ordered that the rock be removed from that spot. Seven elephants were used in tandem to push the rock. But the rock didn't even move an inch! The Governor finally gave up on this impossible task!

We know that an elephant can push or pull 6 tons. That is a pushing power of  42 tons (7 elephants) and the "butter ball" perched on 4 feet base did not move! Is it clamped underneath? Is there something hidden underneath? Now, here is the more interesting question: If it was impossible to push this rock downhill, how was it pushed up the hill? Who could have done this? Could this technical superiority have come from extraterrestrials?

Who could have put it? 
Notice how there are no carvings whatsoever on this. In fact, this is the only structure in Mahabalipuram which is devoid of any carvings. It is a myth that the Pallava King Narasimhavarman tried to remove this rock, because he made specific orders that the "heavenly rock" never be touched by sculptors.  Therefore, the rock must have been there even before the Pallava regime (7th Century A.D) . Who could have put this here? Was it a show of strength from "heavenly gods" to do such an impossible feat?
The original name of the rock is "Vaan Irai Kal" which was renamed "Krishna's Butter Ball" in 1969
Original Name Hints Us
Even though it is popularly known as "Krishna's Butter Ball" in recent times, this was not the original name of the rock. This name was invented by a tour guide in 1969 who was appointed to show the sculptures of Mahabalipuram to Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India. The original name of this rock is "Vaan Irai Kal". In Tamil language, the original language of the land, it means "Stone of The Sky God". Who were these Sky Gods?
The Slippery Hillock on which Krishna's Butter Ball Stands
The Hill:
It is important to understand about the slippery hill on which the rock stands. What hill? It only looks like 30 feet high. This is not the original height of the hill, because the land here keeps rising! The sand gets washed in from the nearby sea.
A rock slide for kids, which was 15 feet high 10 years ago, buried in soil
Look at this slide for kids, it is less than 5 feet now, but 10 years ago, it was over 15 feet high. These rocks and hills are slowly being buried at the rate of a foot a year. Now, imagine how tall this hill would have been 1200 years ago! It could have been a very tall mountain, over 1000 feet high! How was this monstrous rock placed on such a high altitude?

Other interesting facts:
  • This rock was the inspiration to create the famous mud dolls called Tanjavur Bommai. The great King Raja Raja Chola (1000 C.E) was impressed by the rock, and wondered how it did not fall down. Thus came a tradition of making dolls that never fall down! They are made with a half spherical bottoms, so that they will come back to their erect positions even after tilting in any direction. 
    With hemishpherical bases, Tanjavur Dolls do not fall when tilted; Inspired by Krishna's Butter Ball
  • This rock is bigger and heavier than the monolithic stones of Ollantaytambo, Peru. It is also much bigger than the rocks found in the mysterious Machu Picchu.
  • Just like the new Sanskrit name Krishna's butter ball, there have been many name changes in the last 50 years. The name Mahabalipuram itself is one of those, and the original Tamil name of this place is called Mamallapuram. It means "The City of the Great Fighter" in Tamil.
  • Krishna's butter ball is just one of the few reminders of ancient technology in Mahabalipuram. The sculptures here distinctly portray ancient astronauts and alien technology. 
Krishna's butter ball stands alone on this hill, boasting of its majestic stature and is a testimony to the limits of our modern "technical superiority". With ancient technology from Egypt, India, Peru and Mexico, we can only wonder at these marvelous structures which defy all logical explanations. No matter who placed Krishna's Butter Ball  here, it will be reminder that our understanding of history is incomplete.


Well the shrinking of the hill pretty much explains it then. It was a natural formation of the hill. This is what used to be the peak of a hill at some point, now as the report mentions, since the hill is slowly sinking into the ground, its peak is now almost at ground level, within a few years it will disappear into the ground. I don't see anything heavenly or outerworldly here. It seems like a natural geological phenomenon.

@Anonymous above, thank you for the comment. Is it possible for a peak to corrode or erode around a rock making into a sphere? You are saying "within a few years it will disappear into the ground" . Krishna's butter ball has stood its ground for over 1000 years without any changes to it.

May be the top of the hill was chipped into this shape as a part of project to build a murti or temple by artisans but abandoned later... if it is a rock brought from somewhere it should'nt be connected to the hill below...

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ArpitAugust 29, 2015 at 12:20 PM
Hey, please provide the official source for moving by elephants. Is it mentioned on some Govt website or some book?

What a detailed write-up.. loved reading about the wonder ..

can't it be asteroid from space

Is this rock of similar types of others around it? If not, then the question arises that 'how did this rock, different than others reach here?'
The top is cut almost slicing is oblong rock in half! Well, that is another mystery.

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