Nazca Lines of Peru - A sign of Alien Occupation?

No matter how many places you go, Nazca lines (or Nasca) the weirdest and the most perplexing sight in the world. These figures were drawn by Nazca tribes around the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, and sometimes ranging over six hundred feet wide.

Bamiyan Buddhas of Afghanistan

When the Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed, the Taliban Muslims were shocked to find what was beneath the statues. Behind the statues were around 50 caves which was used (once upon a time) as a dwelling place for buddhist pilgrims.

Angkor Wat of Cambodia

with more than 200 acres in land, the temple is carefully safeguarded by a moat. The sheer size of Angkor Wat will make you speechless. It was built in the honor of Vishnu, a hindu god. The design is based on Mount Meru, which is the mythical abode of Devas (Hindu Deities).

Montreal, Canada - A great place for vacation

Don't want to go to Europe to see french culture? Just go to Montreal! Amazing places, french culture, basilicas, museums and much more!!

Chillingham Castle - A Scary Place

A torture chamber intact with 8 century old torture devices, A ghost sobbing behind the wall and much more..

The Great Pyramid Of Giza

A Pyramid made of more than 2 million stones each weighing a ton, 4600 years ago. Unsolved mysteries of the Giza Pyramid, the interior virtual tour and fun facts! Click Now!

Fiji Islands - Pristine Beauty

A country of over 330 islands, over two thirds of them are uninhabited. The scenic beauty is unparalleled, and it is the best place to go whether you want to relax, or have fun round the clock!

True Love Never Dies - Scary Romance of Carl Tanzler & Elena Hoyos

Do you believe in undying love? How far would you go for your true love?
Watch the video above or read on!

At the East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida there is a picture of a man called Carl Tanzler and right next to him are some items that belong to him. He came to Key west in 1927 leaving behind his first wife because he knew she was not the right girl. Let’s backtrack further to how he figured this out. When Carl was about 10 years old, he has a dream where his dead Aunt brings a girl and tells him “This girl will one day be your bride to be”. You find her and she will live with you happily forever. 
Carl Tanzler aka Count Von Cosel
So now, Carl dumps the first bride and moves to Key West in 1927 and changes his name to Count von Cosel. At this point he is very rich and claims he has 9 university degrees. He gets a job as an X-ray technician at the Marine Hospital. Three years later a beautiful Cuban girl walks into the hospital by the name of Elena Hoyos. 
Elena Hoyos - Her official full name was Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos
Carl immediately recognizes her as the same girl in the dream and falls in love. He volunteers to diagnose her for free. She is diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Now, at that time Tuberculosis was a terrible disease, most people who got it simply died. Of course he wants her to live.
Elena Hoyos - The exotic beauty Carl Tanzler fell in love with
He volunteers to take care of her in all his free time and tries desperately to find a cure for her. He is even proposing marriage to her every single day. He is 55 and she is 19, so she is turning him down every day. 
Carl Tanzler tried desperately to save Elena Hoyos
Three years go by, and Elena dies of tuberculosis. She is then taken to the Dean Lopez funeral home, for her very first funeral. What do mean by that? The story gets stranger. This funeral is attended by less than a dozen people. Elena’s family and Count Von Cosel. Now, he doesn’t want her in an unmarked wooden box which is all her family could afford. He builds a huge mausoleum with electricity inside it. 
The mausoleum of Elena Hoyos - built by Carl Tanzler
Her grave had a telephone inside connected to a telephone outside the mausoleum. Every night, he goes to this mausoleum, stands outside, picks up the phone and talks to her for an hour. It turns out he is still proposing marriage to her every day. 
The mausoleum was furnished with a phone connection so Carl could talk to Elena everyday
After a year and a half, he calls his friend and tells him “Persistence paid off, Elena agreed to marry me”. His friend thinks it is a joke, but the following night, Count Von Cosel quietly broke into the mausoleum and took Elena’s body home.
Severely decayed body of Elena Hoyos
Now imagine a body that’s been slowly decomposing for 18 months. So, he cuts her open, stuffs her with rags, attaches her bones together with wire and coat hangers. 
Carl Tanzler placed glass eyes in the body's sockets to recreate Elena's beautiful eyes
He puts glass eyes in sockets, uses mortician’s wax to take care of decay and now dresses her in a beautiful white dress. He then celebrates a private wedding ceremony. For the next seven years, they lived together as a happy married couple in every single way. Yes, Von Cosel also recreated other parts of Elena to consummate the marriage.
Restored corpse of Elena Hoyos 
7 years is a long time in a small island, so the word gets around. Kids who lived in Flagler ave would peek through the window after he goes to work, and find an exotic lady lying motionless in the bedroom. He was also seen outside with her taking a nice romantic boat ride around the island after dark.  When one of the kids’ fathers confronts him, he says “You know kids have a wild imagination, but I don’t want you to talk about this anymore” and buys him a brand new Ford Model 48. This was a great car at that time. By 1940, half a dozen people are driving these Ford Model 48s in the island. 
Another photo of Elena's decomposed body
Everything is working out well, until Florinda comes along. Florinda is Elena’s sister and she shows up at the Count’s doorstep with her husband. Now, Von Cosel calmly invites them into the living room and says “Elena, your sister is here”. Florinda is shocked to see her sister’s body propped up in a chair. The next thing you know, Cops are swarming all over the place.  Elena’s body is taken back to Dean Lopez funeral home for another funeral. 
The second funeral of Elena Hoyos which became a national sensation
Now, this time, about 6800 people show up for the funeral and the population of Key West was only about 2500 back then. Dean Lopezes are charging 10 cents a head. Schools closed early to help kids catch a glimpse of the body.
Photo of Elena Hoyos at the second funeral in Key West, Florida
Now, they decided  to chop up her body and bury her in three secret locations, because people knew that Count Von Cosel is gonna try to find her when he gets out of Prison. This poor woman needed to finally rest in peace. Meanwhile he goes in front of the grand jury and within a few months he walks out a free man, thanks to the Statute of limitations. Even while walking out of the court, he asks them “May I keep Elena?”. They tell him it is impossible because she is buried in 3 different locations and there is no way for him to find out where they are. He goes back to a small town in Central Florida called Zephyrhills, yes that’s where they make the water bottles. For the next 8 years he stays there, painting portraits of Elena and telling people about his true love. One morning, he is found dead, naked on top of a replica of Elena. Guess he made another one and married her. In his will, he mentioned he wanted the replica to be buried with him, which was done by the undertaker.
Carl Tanzler was found dead on top of a wax replica of  Elena Hoyos in 1952 
Thousands of people attended the funeral, mostly to see Count Von Cosel and the replica of Elena being buried together. One odd visitor drove up in a Ford Model 48, he came all the way from Key West to Zephryhills. He was none other than the person who was supposed to chop up the body and bury the pieces of Elena. Years later, he admitted he never did chop up the body; Von Cosel paid him off and got back the body. It was not a replica of Elena that’s buried with him, it is Elena herself. 

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Aerial View of Kolomoki Mounds, Georgia

The Mound Builders of ancient America built gigantic Mounds of various sizes and shapes. They are breathtaking when viewed from the ground, but how about the God's view from above? After all, animal shaped mounds like the Serpent Mound in Ohio were built to be seen from the air. The aerial view of Kolomoki Mounds is very fine indeed. 

This site has a total of 8 mounds and it is the largest Mound complex in this state. It covers about 300 acres of land. The site is so large, my quadcopter cannot cover all the mounds. I am only going to show 2 of them, the largest and the most important ones. Archaeologists estimate these mounds were constructed from 350 CE to 600 CE.
Temple Mound, resembling flat-topped Mayan Pyramids
This is the biggest mound in the complex and is called the Temple mound. It is 56 feet tall;at the base it is 325 feet wide and 200 feet long. In the center, you can see the stairway. The top of the mound was carefully built into a flat area; it would be perfect for helicopters to land here today.
It is hard not to think of Mayan Pyramids like Chichen Itza and Palenque because they are also flat topped pyramids, and this mound could have had a large wooden structure on top of it. Believe it or not, the Mayas believe that their ancestors came from the north. So, you can’t help but think – is there a connection between Mound Builders and the Mayas?

Some archeologists theorize that Kolomoki was the center of population and activity of a large province that runs through many states today. This could have even been the capital of the mound builder kingdom.
A game like this could have been played at the Kolomoki site
The large rectangular area in front of the temple mound is called the Plaza. It could have been used for a variety of purposes. Evidence of a large pole set in a deep pit was found, which shows the mound builders played some kind of a ball game and used it as a goal post. Other Native American tribes improved this in the later centuries into games like Chunkey.

The second largest mound at the Kolomoki complex is this conical mound, commonly referred to as Mound D. The conical mound is 20 feet tall, and has a diameter of one hundred feet. This is positioned at the exact center of the Kolomoki site.
Aerial View of the Conical Mound at Kolomoki
There are many different types of mounds, for example effigy mounds with animal shapes, temple mounds, with tall, flat platforms, but mounds like these just look like a cone. These are usually burial mounds. Archeologists discovered 77 skeletons here, and locals say at least a dozen of them were giants over 7 feet tall. 

What looks like a pile of dirt fooled people for a long time. Archeologists were surprised when they excavated this mound and realized it is the most elaborately constructed mound. Beneath the dirt, is a house like structure with multiple floors built with perfectly arranged wooden logs. The logs were placed upright and mounded with dirt to support them. After placing the dead inside this log house, it was then covered with rocks. Layering of many burials, cremations and log scaffolding continued for several layers, including a mass cremation at the top. 
Illustration of how the logs were used in the burial mound
One surprising fact is that all the skulls of the mound builders faced directly to the east. The mounds and the mound builders were somehow sending a message to the Gods. These mounds themselves have a strange connection to astronomical events. For example, 3 mounds form the central axis of the site,and align perfectly with the sun at the spring equinox
Mounds were not built randomly, but were astronomically aligned

Two other mounds are aligned with the sun at the summer solstice. This casts a lot of doubt to the standard idea that the Mound Builders could not even read or write. How did they come up with such a large complex with perfect astronomical alignments without reading or writing?
This complex alignment could mean that the mound builders were a far superior race
Planning of the site requires great vision and remember we are talking about 1500 years ago. It is built on an elevated land surrounded by 3 sides of water. The creeks and lake would not only offer supplies of fresh water, but it would also act as a defense mechanism against intruders. In addition to this, there used to be a protective earthen wall that ran all around the complex, but this wall has been plowed down by early European settlers.

The Etowah mounds, which is about 200 miles away is similar in so many of these features. If you get a chance, don’t forget to visit this historic landmark. 

Robert The Doll - Hurting People For Over A Century

I am sure you have possessed at least one doll in your childhood. But what if the doll possessed you? One such creepy figure does exist in East Martello Museum, Key West, Florida. 
Watch the video above or read on

Robert the Doll which inspired the movie Chucky, sits right in the center of the museum. If you ever get a chance to visit him, don’t take a picture of him, before asking for his permission to do so. Every year, he receives hundreds of letters of apology, from former skeptics who took pictures without his permission.  So what’s the story behind Robert the Doll? To understand this, we have to travel to a big Victorian mansion called the Artist house, a few miles away. 
The home of Robert of the Doll, Key West
"Artist House" -where the painter, Robert Eugene Otto lived 
It is called the Artist house because an artist, a painter grew up here. His name was Robert Eugene Otto.When his mother was 4 months pregnant, she sends her husband to the Bahamas to find 4 helpers including a woman to take care of the baby. The trip took a little bit longer than it should have, the nanny became pregnant and Mrs. Otto is not too happy with who the father is.

So now, this young Bahamian girl has to spend 9 months locked up inside an outhouse in the backyard. If that’s not terrible, she is only fed bread and water once a day. When her own child was born, it only survives 2 months, obviously because of the mother’s starvation. Mrs. Otto is a tough slave driver; she keeps all the servants including the woman, and made the woman take care of Robert Eugene Otto, who is now a few months old.  Now, you’d probably expect the Bahamian woman to take her vengeance out on Robert, but she fell in love with this baby, even breast fed him and took him on as if he were her own. Things go smooth for a while until Mrs. Otto walks into her backyard on a full moon night to see the 4 Bahamian servants performing Santeria. What is Santeria? It is a recognized religion which started in Cuba – it’s a mix of Voodoo, Catholicism and animal sacrifices. Now, Mrs. Otto is shocked to see her 4 helpers cutting the head of a live chicken, she freaks out.

The next morning, she makes everyone pack their bags and is ready to ship them back to Bahamas. The nanny begs Mrs. Otto not to be separated from Robert. She not only lost her first child, but in a way she is losing her second child. But there is no going back once Mrs. Otto makes up her mind. So, she makes a parting gift for Robert, a three foot doll, black buttons for eyes, cloth for skin. 
Robert the Doll - inspired the movie Chucky
Robert The Doll - Currently Resides in East Martello Museum, Key West
The doll looks creepy enough, but what’s more creepy the Doll becomes Robert Gene Otto’s only playmate on the island. He would be spotted walking up and down this street talking to the doll.

Now, As soon as the nanny left, bad things started to happen in the house. Things would end up missing or broken. Being the only child, Robert Gene gets blamed for everything.  But his reaction was very strange. As his mother would start to yell at him, she might go “Robert Eugene Otto” –full name, the old fashioned way of reprimanding a child, right?  He would stop her and say “Don’t you ever call me that again”. He would point at the doll and say he is Robert and I am Gene. He gave the doll his own first name and kept his own middle name for himself. Gene did this every time the blame game came up “I didn’t do, Robert did it”
Robert the Doll Did it
Young Gene would often say: "I didn't do it, Robert did it!"
Years pass by, now Gene is a 19 year old man and he is still walking up and down the street with Robert. At this point the family decides to move to France, they pack up the entire house, everything except Robert the doll who gets locked in a trunk and left behind in the attic.
Robert the Doll has a ghastly appearance with ghostly powers
Does Robert really have paranormal powers? 
Gene, now without Robert starts to become more sociable in France. He meets a lovely girl and eventually they get married. As a wedding present they get the house that Gene grew up in, so they move back into the house. Now, Gene goes up in the attic and comes across a trunk, he has no idea what’s in there, opens it up. Out comes Robert and now, we have a grown married man walking up and down the street carrying a doll and talking to it. Ann, who is his wife gets pissed at this quirkiness, so she asks him to keep the doll confined to the turret.The turret is that big round thing on top of the house.Gene agrees. After a few years, Gene becomes abusive and will sometimes even beat Ann. One time, as Ann was inspecting the old outhouse in the back yard all by herself, Gene shuts the door and locks her in the outhouse for 3 days. Wait, it was not Gene, it was .. Robert and yes it is the same outhouse the Bahamian Nanny was locked in for 9 months.
Robert the Doll is the main attraction at East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida
As years pass by, things get stranger, Gene builds a bed, a chair and a couch all built to scale for Robert. Sometimes Ann could hear Gene begging Robert not to hurt him. Gene starts to insist that Robert should be fed first, because he was now the master of the house.  In the evenings, kids would gather in front of the house, point right at the turret and say “the doll...It moves”.
Robert the Doll resided at the Turret of the Artist House
The turret at the Artist House, where Robert was seen moving around by himself
 Footsteps would be heard in the turret, even when Gene was not there.  In 1974, Gene was found dead in the turret and Robert was seen on top of him. Not hugging him, but with his hands around Gene’s neck.
After Gene’s death, Ann leased the house and moved back to France: , leaving the doll: In the lease there was a clause that said, Robert must be the sole occupant of the attic room.

Beware of Robert the Doll!
The new owners put up with him for a few years, but one night they found Robert in their bedroom with a kitchen knife in his hand. So they gave Robert to the East Martello Museum.  

Robert the Doll moving caught on tape
Why is Robert locked up in a glass cell?
He wasn’t always put in a closed glass case.  During his first year in the Museum, Robert was placed just like all the regular objects. But one morning, the person who opened the door found the whole place ransacked. Of course, nothing was missing, but Robert’s shoes were covered in dust and was found sitting in a different place.  From the letters sent by former non-believers you can see that bad things happened to whoever made fun of him, or people who did not ask his permission before taking pictures. 
Robert punished people and they send apology letters
One of the apology letters sent to Robert. Always ask for his consent before laying eyes on him!
These people lost their jobs, marriages and houses. One guy got a ticket as soon as he pulled out of the parking lot. Most people believe he has a very real Santeria curse on him and if you don’t ask his permission before laying eyes on him, bad things will happen to you. Wait, did you ask for his permission before reading this page?

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