Haunted Hard Rock Cafe - Key West, Florida

 The Hard Rock Café in Key West is a very busy place filled with tourists, but locals know this building as a haunted house. In the room upstairs, a ghost has been living or has been undead for quite a while now. His name was Robert Curry and he grew up a block away in a big house. His parents were William and Mary Curry who became the very first millionaires in the island. William Curry turned Key West into the richest city per capita in the U.S at his time. He was salvaging ships and he was often accused of intentionally misdirecting ships on the reef, so he could make a lot of money. No matter how he became rich, this family owned several successful businesses in the island at that time.

His son, Robert Curry grew up and became known as a very obnoxious, rich young man. He was the type of kid who walks over to you and says “my birthday party is next week, and you better be there with a nice gift, because some day I will be your boss”. By the time he graduates high school, he could not get a date to go the prom. So, he goes to Miami for college, and falls in love with a girl called Ann. They get married very quickly and it seems like she marries him for the money. As a wedding present, they get this house. In a few years, Ann becomes just like everyone in the city, she hates Robert. What’s worse she falls in love with a rival of Robert and she divorces him. Now if that not enough, Robert sucks at managing the family businesses and they all start to fail. 
This is the room upstairs where the unfortunate incident happened
As everything spiral downs, Robert curry walks into this room one day, which used to be his master bath room. He quietly takes a noose, and kicks the bucket - kicks a chair actually. The place where this hanging light is, is the very place he hanged himself.  
The hanging light will start moving when people enter the room
Today, chairs will fall down, and the hanging light will move, just like you can see it moving in the video. This light will stop moving when people leave the room. Nowadays, this room is used for private parties, but the staff do not like coming up here alone, they try to come in as a team. Several employees have quit working at the hard rock café after working here late at night. 
The haunted room where the undead repeats the lamentable event, every night
One guy, being a manager, comes here early in the day. He is working downstairs all by himself, hears noise up here. So he is curious, walks up and finds all the chairs strewn around, as if the night staff did not do their job the night before. He puts everything back in place and goes back down. He hears more noise, now he runs back up and all these chairs are neatly stacked up on top of the tables. Needless to say, he quit his job and stories like these can be heard a lot from former employees of the Hard Rock Café.

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