Celebrity Letters to Robert The Haunted Doll

Robert The Doll gets plenty of letters from politicians and other celebrities as well. Here you can see letters from the former U.S president George W.Bush, Mayor of Key West and former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. You can see other letters from victims here and you can learn about the haunted history here

Letter from George W.Bush to Robert the Doll on his 101st Birthday!

Letter of Proclamation of Robert The Enchanted Doll Day - From Mayor

Jeb Bush, Florida's Former Governor also congratulated Robert the Doll on his birthday


The post is really interesting and had a great opportunity to see many person's writings. Thanks for sharing!!

Im sorry robert i didn't know the video i watched of you was viewed without permission i honestly was only watching youtube then the narrator said that the video was taken without permission and i watched it without knowing please forgive me

Dear, Robert sorry for viewing and I didn't know please forgive me

Dear robert may i please view your video?

Dear robert sorry for viewing your pictures and researching about you without your permission i apologize. Sincerely Alejandra G.

Dear Robert, I’m sorry for viewing your photos without permission and researching, I hope you can forgive me and allow me to learn more about you through photos and video. Much respect, Steve W

Dear Robert,
I am sorry for viewing this website without your permission. Please forgive me.

Dear, Robert sorry for viewing and I didn't know please forgive me

Dear Robert, sorry for viewing this website without permission. I didnt know and thought it was only your picture. Please forgive me.

Dear Robert,
I'm sorry for viewing this website without permission. I thought it was just your picture and didn't know. Please forgive me.

Dear Robert, I’m sorry for viewing videos and photos of you. I didn’t know to ask permission, please forgive me for it. Please don’t curse me — I need peace. I wish you only peace and light. Thank you.

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Dear Robert, I'm sorry for viewing photos and researching you without permission. I'm so sorry and did not know it would upset you. I was interested about your story and hope you forgive me.
Best regards,

Dear Robby,I'm sorry for viewing without permission.
Forgive us

Dear Robert,

I'd came across this to know about you I'd had no bad intentions of reading this, if this somehow seen as sign of disrespect, I'm truly sorry for that last thing I want to do is disrespect you. Please forgive me, Robert. I promise next time I'll ask your permission before reading this. Even looking through your photos without thinking I just wanted to see more about you I didn't realize this counted as a bad thing, again I'm truly sorry I won't do this again unless I do visit you and ask permission to do so, you have my word on that.

Desr Robert, I’m sorry for lurking around and looking your photos and info. I recently learned about you through a podcast, ATWWD. I was very curious. Sorry, for reals.
- Natalia

Sorry Robert for lurking around your photos and info

Sorry Robert for lurking through your pictures

I’m sorry Robert I didn’t ask permission to search your story online. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry Robert for looking at your videos and picture without asking for permission and then mocking the curse. It wasn’t nice of me not to believe I promise I will never direpect you again.

DEAR robert sorry for looking at your pictune and info without asking permission . im really sorry.

Dear Robert
Im Sorry for looking at your pictures and video foorages. Also apologies in advance if any of my relatives do this. I was just roaming the internet. Ran across your story and was interested in your story...once again This is my apology for not asking permission in advance. I also want to ask permission for looking you up in the future. Or just incase if i run into you again. Thank you and have a great day.
Sincerely Chris

dear Robert, I’m sorry for looking at your story without a permission.

Dear Robert, I'm so sorry that I viewed these pictures and read about your story. I heard about you and I was interested to see what you were all about, and boy was I fascinated! I'm going through a tough time in my life right now you are such an inspiration. You teach people not to be disrespectful, evil, and childish. If I visit you one day I'd love to share my story with you.

Dear Robert
I’m sorry for viewing your photos and story without your permission. I didn’t realize it was offensive. I was just curious to learn about your interesting life. I plan to visit you one day and tell you how much I respect you and the way you teach people to be good as well as apologize for any offense I caused by researching you without permission.

Dear Robert,
Im very sorry for watching videos of you on youtube, i dint know they took it withought your permission, im really sorry and please forgive me. I was just interested. Im so very very sorry Robert.

Dear Robert,
I am so sorry I viewed this website without your permission. I found out about the letters people have sent you and was curious to read some. I had no intention of upsetting you. Sorry again, please forgive me. I hope you have been having a good year so far.

Dear Robert,

Please forgive me for reading this site without your permission, I am genuienly curious and do not doubt your story and di hope to visit you one day

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Dear Robert I'm truly sorry for visiting this website without your permission. I am genuinely curious and I have always believed your story

Dear Robert,
I apologize for viewing and researching you without your consent. Please forgive me.

I'm very sorry robert for research u

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