Celebrity Letters to Robert The Haunted Doll

Robert The Doll gets plenty of letters from politicians and other celebrities as well. Here you can see letters from the former U.S president George W.Bush, Mayor of Key West and former Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. You can see other letters from victims here and you can learn about the haunted history here

Letter from George W.Bush to Robert the Doll on his 101st Birthday!

Letter of Proclamation of Robert The Enchanted Doll Day - From Mayor

Jeb Bush, Florida's Former Governor also congratulated Robert the Doll on his birthday


The post is really interesting and had a great opportunity to see many person's writings. Thanks for sharing!!

Im sorry robert i didn't know the video i watched of you was viewed without permission i honestly was only watching youtube then the narrator said that the video was taken without permission and i watched it without knowing please forgive me

Dear, Robert sorry for viewing and I didn't know please forgive me

Dear robert may i please view your video?

Dear robert sorry for viewing your pictures and researching about you without your permission i apologize. Sincerely Alejandra G.

Dear Robert, I’m sorry for viewing your photos without permission and researching, I hope you can forgive me and allow me to learn more about you through photos and video. Much respect, Steve W

Dear Robert,
I am sorry for viewing this website without your permission. Please forgive me.

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