Victims' Letters of Apology to Robert The Doll

About a year ago, I posted the video of Robert the Doll which has received over 400,000 views. Many viewers have sent me emails asking if I could post the letters that were sent to Robert the Doll. Here is part 1, and I may post part 2 someday.  You can watch it as a video below or see the letters by scrolling down. 

 Dear Robert, you have probably received many letters like this from people like me. People who were sure there was no such thing as a “Robert The Doll curse”. You see, it is easy to act tough and try to impress your friends by being disrespectful. And, unfortunately, that is the camp I find myself in. My name is Dan Schulz. Back in 2009 we visited the East Martello Museum, the entire purpose of the visit was to come and meet you. We have walked by your old house multiple times over the years, and have always wanted to visit you at the museum.  Our visit was fun and informative, and seeing you was the best part. I am not sure what made act like a jerk to you. I didn’t ask for your permission to take your picture, and I openly mocked you. Like I said, I was just trying to be funny and impress the people I was visiting with. I in no way actually meant what I said, and I realize now I made a big mistake. Since that day in late 2009, we have had a run of bad luck. I have had multiple health issues; (I had a near-death experience with Anemia) we have had family members and pets die, and bad luck with our finances that ended us filing for bankruptcy and still having financial difficulties. The purpose of this letter is to profoundly apologize and ask for your forgiveness. I have talked about this event on a popular travel podcast that I am the co-host of (a podcast is a radio show people can hear on their computers) and will always speak with high respect of you. Again Robert, please accept my sincere apologies and if you see fit to forgive and end the bad luck, I would appreciate it, as would my family.
Dan Schulz, West Palm beach, FL. The note stuck on it says “Please post where Robert the Doll will see this."

He also gets letters from celebrities. Click here to see letters from George W. Bush, Jeb Bush and the Mayor of Key West then Governor of Florida and he may be even become the President one day.

Robert the Doll also has international victims. Below is a letter from Japan.  

 Dear Robert, 
Hello Robert, how are you?
I am not good. I have a backache. I don’t know why my back is hurt. Then I remember you, 2 months ago I took a picture ofyou. I am so sorry, I didn’t know that I cant take a picture of you. Should I delete the picture? I must apologize for the delay of sending you mail. I don’t know how I can apololgize, So I am writing this letter. I am so sorry, I hope your life is very good.  – Naoya, Citiba Japan. 

There is also this little piece at the end: Dear Robert Please forgive my friend for not asking your permission before taking your picture, he is Japanese and did not understand, so please accept this apology. I really enjoyed visiting you. Dale, Eion NC.

Below are two pictures showing an actual ghost near Robert the Doll. It actually looks like Anabelle the Doll, another infamous Haunted Doll.

Below is a letter from a woman named Kathy.

Robert, Sorry I did not ask out loud to take your photo. Since then my husband lost his diamond (1 carot) out of his ring. I tore my rotator cuff and my daughter’s wedding was cancelled. All happened before I returned home. Please stop the curse I am truly sorry & life is tough enough! Sincerely, Kathy.

Below is another letter from a victim. I personally love this one. 

Dear Robert, I am very sorry for not asking your permission to take your picture while visiting the museum last week. Since I have take your picture without permission, many strange things have happened to me. While driving back from the keys , a deer ran out in front of our car. We had to swerve to avoid hitting it, and ran off the road. We almost hit a tree. 
Two days later, we had a small kitchen fire. Also we have been hearing child like giggles from our basement. Last night I was home all alone. I heard a voice coming from the basement. When I went to investigate,  I tripped and fell down the bottom three stairs. I got up to run out, but the door was locked. My husband said that I probably turned the lock myself without even thinking about it and locked myself in the basement, but honestly Robert we both know the truth. Please accept my deepest apology for taking your picture without asking. Also, please accept my daughter’s apology for sticking out her tongue at you and making fun of you. – Sincerely Rosy.

You can see that these images are not of the best quality. The East Martello Museum has a TV screen which displays the letters sent to Robert the Doll, and I took pictures of them with my camera. And below is one of the pictures I took of the letters, I don’t know why this completely blank. You can see something written on top, but my camera just didn’t get the rest. I have no idea how this happened. I guess I screwed up..wait Robert did it.

Victims don't forget to send Robert a birthday card every year!

Did you ever mock Robert the Doll and your life is now ruined? Write to: 
Robert The Doll,
3501 South Roosevelt Blvd,
Key West, FL-33040


Im sorry robert i didn't know thhe video i watched of you was viewed without permission i honestly was only watching youtube then the narrator said that the video was taken without permission and i watched it without knowing please forgive me

Robert I didn't know I viewed you without your consent. I had no clue I needed your permission. Please forgive me.

Robert I didn't know I viewed you without your consent. I had no clue I needed your permission. Please forgive me.

Sorry Robert for watching you're video I hope you have mercy I dint want anything between us just Robert i ask for for forgiveness sorry robwrt firguve what u have done

Hey Robert i was very interested in the stories about you and I'm very sorry for reading it without your permission I hope you can forgive me and have a great life . Many thanks Lauren

This comment has been removed by the author.

Dear Robert, I hope you can receive my apology. I am sorry for laying eyes on you through the form of mutiple photograph's and YouTube video. I was fascinated by your story and life. Please accept my apology.

Dear Robert , sorry for searching you on website without asking your permission, please accept my apology. Thank you

Dear Robert,
You are such a sweet little boy and I have felt the need to research you over the years, however, I was not aware I should have asked your permission. I hope you won't mind if I check in on you from time to time on line. I wish I could apologize in person and hope to come visit with you soon. I hope you are enjoying Key West and all of the people who come to visit you! If I upset you in any way, I hope you will accept my apology. Thank you.

Dear Robert,
I want to apologize for reading stories and researching you both online and on Facebook. I am very interested in your story and truly want no hard feelings. I am very sorry for viewing all of this without your permission. I should have asked. It went right through my mind. I have reminders in my life every day to be more careful, so I am grateful for another one tonight. Thank oh and I hope you understand.

Sorry for watching you in your video Robert. Didn't know what I was watching. Hope you forgive me.

dear robert im sorry for not asking permission to watch this video please accept my apology

Hi Robert, please forgive me by not asking for your permission to view your pictures and your story, etc. I hope you can forgive me. Thank you

I am so sorry for viewing your pictures and reading about your story without your permission. I was just so fascinated. Please accept my apology.

Hi Robert, I apologize for looking at your photos and reading your story without asking your permission first. I didn't mean to snoop, but I was fascinated by your story. Please accept my apology.

Hello robert,my name is madison. I am extremely sorry for calling you a "creepy doll". That as not nice. Please please forgive me as I was in the wrong and I see that now.

Dear Robert, I hope you can receive my apology. I am sorry for laying eyes on you through the form of mutiple photograph's and YouTube video. I was fascinated by your story and life. Please accept my apology.

Dear Robert,

I'm Sorry for viewing your photos and video without your permission. I was not aware that the video was taken without your consent. Please forgive me. I just want to be happy again. I want my fiance happy again and us together.


sorry Robert for looking you up on the internet with out your permission. I truly and deeply am sorry

Sorry for looking you up Robert I didn't know it was a bad thing hope you can forgive me. Thank You.

dear robert, i'm sorry for reading about you w/o your permission i hope you can forgive me.

Sorry for not asking your permission before taking your picture Robert . Please end the curse

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