Telescope Carved in Ancient Indian Temple at Halebidu - History is Wrong

I think I have just discovered the most brilliant piece of evidence that proves that ancient civilization used advanced technology. We can see a carving of a man holding and looking through a telescope! This is carved at the Hoysaleswara temple in India and this debunks history. Watch the video below or read on.

 And without a doubt this is a telescope because the carving shows he has one eye closed and the other eye is open, typically how anyone looks through a telescope. And you can also see that the telescope is pointing up. This is shocking because all experts agree that this temple was created around 1120 A.D which is about 900 years ago. However, history books tell us that the telescope was invented much later - in 1608 by a man called Hans Lippershey, just 400 years ago. So, how could a telescope be carved in a 900 year old temple, 500 years before the invention of telescope?

This is a very good piece of evidence which proves that the ancient civilization of India used advanced technology. Every telescope needs at least 2 lenses. If they used telescopes, they would also have to manufacture lenses, hence glass manufacturing , grinding technology and relevant tools must have also been used. And If they knew how to manufacture telescopes 900 years ago, they would have definitely used other machines as well.

But this carving not only proves that telescopes were used 900 years ago, but shows that the telescope was used much earlier in time, thousands of years before this temple was even built.  If you take a step back and look at the entire carving, it is not showing what happened between human beings 900 years ago, but it is depicting a war scene that happened much earlier in time between 2 types of gods. On the left side, you can see the gods called Devas, and on the right side you can see the gods called Asuras. We can see that these gods are portrayed with completely different facial features, helmets and weapons.

Ancient Indian texts clearly mention that these Gods came down from the sky, thousands of years ago, and were equipped with advanced technology. These 2 races of Gods are not only described in ancient Hindu texts, but also described in another ancient religion called Zoroastrianism which originated in ancient Iran, thousands of miles away from India. In Zoroastrian texts the same gods are depicted with minor variations. The Devas are referred to as Daevas in both these religions, and Asuras are referred to as Ahuras in Zoroastrianism. If these religious texts are merely imaginary stories, how could these two ancient religions separated by thousands of miles, accurately portray these 2 races of gods? Is it possible that these gods were extraterrestrial beings who came down from the sky? The ancient Indian texts clearly mention that these gods came from other planets, for example, the Devas came from a planet called Devalokha.

Today, we are able to land in Mars using a spacecraft  and our astronauts can easily use a telescope on mars to observe other planets or even survey the land. Did primitive human beings also witness these gods who came from other planets using Vimanas or spacecrafts and used telescopes? How else can we explain this carving that shows a telescope 500 years before the modern invention? Is this why ancient Indian monuments show accurate portrayals of advanced machines? The brilliant monuments at Mahabalipuram, built 1300 years ago, shows an accurate model of a stage rocket.

The ancient Kailasa temple in Ellora Caves shows a type of Vimana similar to our modern day jet-pack. Why do we see this uncanny resemblance of our modern day devices to ancient carvings which were carved thousands of years ago? Is it possible that what we read today as mere religious books are really historical records of beings who came other planets?

It is one thing to use a telescope for observing stars and planets, but if you look at this carving, it is clear that this is a battlefield. We can see that the Devas are all holding shields and weapons and if you look at their legs, you can see they are perfectly aligned showing their tactical formation. So, why would anyone need a telescope in a battlefield?

Let's look to the right, and see if we can find the answer to this question. Here is their leader shown on a chariot. It is a shame that this sculpture was destroyed by foreign invaders, so we can't see all the details. But we can see that this Deva is holding a rod like device, which releases multiple missiles into the air. Today, we use the same technology- we call these equipment as multiple rocket launchers, capable of releasing many rockets at once. Again, if you compare the carvings of these missiles to our modern day missiles, they look identical.

In fact, ancient Indian texts clearly mention that gods used weapons called Astras which were more advanced than what we even have today. Many experts claim that astras simply mean arrows, however, the astras shown here clearly prove that they are not arrows. Arrows have to be long and thin to travel, these are too thick to be arrows. These carvings don't have a pointed edge, they have a rounded head like a modern day missile.

To the right of the missiles, we can see the Asuras. Of course, the actual space between these 2 armies has been cut off, because there is no way to show the actual distance in a single carving.  When we understand the magnitude of the weapons, we can understand why this Deva is using a telescope. The gods were not fighting with swords and spears, they were using missiles and aerial attacks in the warfare. So, a telescope would have been necessary to look up and see if any vimanas or astras are being deployed by the enemy.

Now, what would have happened when primitive human beings witnessed the arrival of these gods and watched them use these advanced gadgets? Eventually the gods would have taught human beings how to create and use devices like the telescope. They would have taught human beings how to read and write.

This explains why ancient Indian texts show a remarkable understanding of astronomy. These books give many surprising details about various planets and stars and modern day experts are quite confused as to how primitive people could obtain this kind of information. The answer is this, the primitive people were no longer primitive after they met their gods - they were using telescopes to observe and record their findings.  

Now, you can go through pages and pages about the history of telescope and we don't find anything about India. In Wikipedia, there is a detailed history of telescopes, but nothing about this carving. Why? Am I really the first person to find this carving? If a guy like me who has spent just a few weeks looking at this temple can find this information, there must have been many other historians and archeologists who must have also noticed this carving. In fact, government archeologists make a detailed note of each and every carving in these ancient temples.

Why are they not telling the public that telescopes were used in India much earlier than the 1608? If they do that, then they would have to agree that ancient India had very advanced technology, and Vimanas and Astras, were not mere fiction. If they agree that telescopes were used in ancient times, they would also have to agree that other devices and machines were also used. In short, they would have to rewrite the history books. So, they intentionally ignore  these carvings to portray the ancient civilization as a primitive civilization. And this hiding of facts to fool us, to prevent us from learning the real history is the very definition of conspiracy. 

Experts can try to hide this information, but I hope you can share this post with your friends, because even if you disagree with everything else I have said, this carving debunks the theory that the telescope was invented just 400 years ago. 


As an Optometrist it's clear that the history of telescopes is would be useful to my knowledge. Your account is useful. However the proof of the origin of eye glasses goes back before the traditional history. Florence in the 12 century was the first place that eyeglasses were made is what we are given to believe. It's true that the technical expertise to make glass and understanding how to grind emerald and engineering transparency into convex and concave forms. It's not unusual that the history of glasses originated on the Silk Road . The ideas may be alien but the technological expertise was clearly conceived and created by humans. Dr Craig Venter will explain that as far as aliens and phylogenetic evolution is concerned there's genetic evidence to explain that certain knowledge is kept from the history section of western universities not because of their principles of scientific research. Ancient Indian texts are not connected to modern history. I would enjoy discussing this subject with you my blog is would love to jump on a call. I am Sindhi myself and I understood your opinion perfectly .

Ancient technology has been suppressed and we live in a truly distorted reality devoid of knowledge of Indian history. 900 years of destruction and 400 years of empire saw to that.

Saptarishis were used to calculate the age of the universe and explore multidimensional knowledge. The atomic nature of reality was not Greek. The middle eastern temples that spawned multiple western religions ( India has millions of gods ) suppressed and rehashed the knowledge . The library of Alexander was burnt. He also never could enter India ( attacked by Vimana's ? ) any way you are the only one doing this work- I am skeptic but I do know some knowledge about the history of telescopes - many people in Ophthalmology and Optometry will be pleased if we can correct and add too our taxonomy and timescale. Revisionists like you and Malcom Gladwell , Bill Bryson and others are potentially a form of the new heretics as we see the remaining history as the distribution of ideological politics that seeks to destroy the humanity of the populations.

The global elites have hidden the fact that extraterrestrials visited earth and many of the structures on earth like the Pyramids were actualy built by aliens

Much of your information coincides with the Lacerta Files.

It is not a telescope. If we see the length, that kind of telescope will not be of any use. Infact if you carefully observe, the man is holding a shield in one hand. He has positioned the device between his palm and shield. Palm is stretched like a plane parallel to ground. It is not the way a telescope is held. It indicates an angle measuring device. Such angle measures are done to give coordinates for archers and firing of cannon balls. The angle of shooting, determines the flight path of projectile. For effectiveness and precission, these kind of angle measuring was used. Such tools are ancient than 10th centure, as mention of such tools also comes in astronomy. Please do not hype and link things. Such hype does more damage than lies.

If knowledge was shared among it's people, there would have been all more greater innovations and inventions. Learned people and with selfish motives never wanted share the knowledge with other class of people. They kept everything written in sanskrit which was never taught to anybody to make sure others won't raise and excel. And now boasting about we did that, we did this... our technology superior, awesome, great intellects.. nonsense. When people are not respected and knowledge not shared will definitely perish in the new world.

That's not a telescope : Hi Praveen, I like your videos,and your good work is appreciated a lot :-) . However, in this video the Deva is clearly not holding a telescope or a monocular for two reasons : Looking at the position and angle of the hand, one can say that this is definitely not the way one holds a telescope. You can compare this hand position at 0:10 with your own hand position at 0:34 to understand better . Just because the base of the weapon/horn etc is at the eye-level doesn't make it a telescope.If the sculptor wanted to depict a telescope, he could have done that easily like he has sculpted the first asura holding a horn in his right hand touching his mouth , and weapon in his left - like the following asuras with the weapon in their left hands.The sculptor has sculpted those asura hands and their respective positions quite well, so sculpting the right grip on a telescope would have been easy to sculpt for him. But he did not do that because he sculpted the hand grip to hold a weapon for the Deva who was holding a big shield in his left hand if one notices. The object the Deva is holding is a weapon (sword or a cylindrical Mace like this : or a Hanumanji's Mace /Gada like this : We cannot see the complete weapon on the Deva's hand because the upper part of it has been broken away by the barabaric invaders who broke the weapons of the first two asuras as well along with many other parts of the sculpture. The most interesting part of this battle scene sculpture panel is the interesting weapon being used by the Leader of the Devas! This weapon has been sculpted in other panels and sculptures as well. Also, at 3:11 you have shown a map with pakistan in it! in ancient times, there was no pakistan, and moreover great Bharata was spread wide and far across asia, and so Hindus and zoroastrians were not separated by a continent as you have said.. Again, "Astra" means weapon (any weapon, or check the great brahmastra for ex), for arrow - Sanskrit has many words like Bana, Sharya, Shana, Asta, Ishika, Lakshyahana etc.. Ancient Bharata was the greatest in terms of scientific research and development, Mathematics,Astronomy,astrology,fantastic technology, (like vimanashastra that enabled traveling across the multiverse),teleportation,telekinesis,pyrokinesis, mystic powers, inter-dimensional travel, literature, art, music, meditation,and all aspects of life on this planet and beyond. I've been interested in studying these since the 70s.. Ancient Gods across the globe have been rightly described as aliens with superpowers by Erich Von Daniken, and many more 'open minded' scholars and people like Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Childress etc..(Never missed any episode of Ancient Aliens!). With scientific development and thanks to satelite data and lidar scanners, more and more ancient secrets are being uncovered these days! There is much to know about our ancestors, keep up your good work of analyzing things logically, but please don't get tempted to 'sensationalize' like others, because you don't need to do that. You are already quite popular and loved by all of us. :-) I would love to help make the videos better with cgi, if reqd. Keep up the good work! tk care,dear.

Pls take back ur words "everything written in Sanskrit and never taught to anybody". Those days Sanskrit was the main Language fr communication hence its written in it. Now a days we r liking & learning foreign languages & losing interest on our own ancient language. So whom to blame now ?

Hi Praveen it's good to watch it vidio

Yes Sanskrit is a dev language n I believe it should be compulsory be taught in schools

Subb2 praveen mohan channl bhavin754 instagram

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