Ancient Astronauts Carved in Halebidu Temple? Hoysaleswara Temple shows Space Travelers?

The Hoysaleswara Temple at Halebeedu has a very strange carving:  there are figures which look very similar to modern day astronauts. Watch the video below or read on.

They are wearing helmets which cover their heads completely, and you can see that each person is wearing protective gloves in his hands, notice the cuffs of the gloves. If you observe closely, we can even see some of them have wires that go from one side of the helmet and hooked up to a spherical device at the back of the helmet. If you compare this carving with modern day astronauts, the similarity is uncanny. Yet, these carvings were created at least 900 years ago, some even say this temple was built many thousands of years ago. The question is, does this carving actually show astronauts, or does it depict something else?  
No one has seen these carvings because they are hiding in a secret corner
I have asked several Historians and Archeologists about this carving and they tell me that till date, nobody has been able to decode this carving. Why? The reason is, Foreign Invaders have destroyed the top part of this carving, specifically this particular figure who is the main character in this carving. If you observe carefully, this figure is seated on a throne, and the astronauts are on the floor begging him. The crouched positions and hand gestures of the astronauts confirm this, but until we identify the central figure, we cannot determine what's going on.
Who is this God who has been disfigured by Foreign Invaders?
So, let's observe this carving very carefully, and see if we can find out who he is, for the very first time. On his shoulder, we can see the outline of a circular weapon called Chakra, which belongs to Lord Vishnu. You can see a female figure sitting on his lap, and Vishnu is often portrayed with his wife Lakshmi on his lap. This is definitely Lord Vishnu, because his throne is shaped in the form of a lotus flower, and Vishnu is the God usually depicted on lotus flowers. I wonder why no one observed these clues to find the answer until now.  
Modern day depiction of Vishnu with Chakra, Lakshmi & Lotus Throne
So, now that we know that this is Vishnu, let's try to decode who these astronauts are. In the ancient Indian texts, this scene is clearly described. There are two groups of deities at war with each other: Devas and Asuras. The Devas are unable to defeat the Asuras, so  they travel to a planet called Vishnulokha, and beg Lord Vishnu to help them. This carving perfectly fits the scenario of Devas begging Vishnu for help. Today historians tell us that all these stories are just mythology - Devas traveling to other planets thousands of years ago, that would be impossible because there was no technology for space travel at that time.
Closeup of Carvings show remarkable similarity to Modern Day Astronauts 
But this carving shows that such a scenario actually happened: Because, it shows Devas as astronauts with helmets, wires and gloves, just like modern day astronauts. What's even more interesting, the Devas are carved without these astronaut suits when they are on earth. They are depicted with helmets, wires and gloves only when they traveled to the other planet called Vishnulokha. If space travel was not possible in ancient times, how can we explain sculptors carving the Devas with remarkable similarity to modern day astronauts?

Ancient Indian Temples are treasure troves full of incredible information that needs to be decoded. In Hoysaleswara temple alone, we can see evidence of machining technology, carving of a telescope and even an Egyptian sculpture. All these clues prove that ancient India once had a very advanced technology which has been lost now.  

So, what do you think? Were Indian Gods real? Or were they merely fictional characters as Historians claim? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


Hey i really liked your videos in youtube, also I started looking all the temples in a different ways. Your are actually making things really clear. Can you please suggest me some books to read about these things. It would be really great if you suggest me. Thank you.

Hai Mr. Praveen, your research is much appreciated that prompt us to think in a multiple way while seeing any statues and the temple. In another youtube video I have supposed to know about the temple situated in Aavudaiyarkoil located in Pudhukottai district, Tamilnadu.

Could you please visit and decode the sculptures, zodiac signs are carved in a view of astroner that says your thoughts as our world's olden days are being the modern days facility.

Thanks for you to be an example for us to reveal our history.

This panel is the representation of the recitation of a stotra being chanted called “YajnaYajniya”,the last and the principal one chanted at a vedic ritual called Agnistoma. It derives the name from the opening words Yajna Yajna.The Samavedic priest called Udgatri begins the chant Who is depicted to be standing and in praying posture and his assistants also join .All the chanters and choristers have to cover their heads and ears during the chant.The sacrificer’s wife has to pour the purified water called “Pannejani” from knee downwards during the chant which is probably indicated by the female figure to the left side of the deity.This ritual may be an indication of the soma yajna performed either during or the concluding part of temple construction. The figures sitting show,yajnopavita ,the hair style and their sitting posture in Yagasana clearly says they are priests.
The history and social life of the Chalukyan period is compiled in an ancient treatise called “Manasollasa”,which also mirror the historical and social life of Hoysalas, does not mention anything about the astronauts.

Thanks praveen for given the stright and simple explanation about all out lost traditional

Please post videos in tamil

Okay .Then, the chakra and lotus in sculpture represents what?

Keep going praveen. Our team is researching on ancient vimana

How old is that sculpture

I am astounded by the intriguing discoveries you make Praveen it is a great service you are doing.Hooked to your posts .in fact they are as good as watching ancient aliens.👏👏👏

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