Anunnaki Discovered in Lepakshi Temple? Evidence of Ancient Aliens in India

 This is an ancient temple at Lepakshi and here we can see this strange carving that shows a very unique deity. You can see that it has a reptilian face, looking like a lizard and the hand gesture shows a blessing posture. Watch the video below or read on.
 When I asked the locals, who this God is, they told me it is called AnuNaga. It sounds very similar to Anunnaki, the Gods well known around the Mesopotamian region, which is in modern day Iraq. Anunnaki was worshiped by ancient cultures like Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.
 Now,  is it just a coincidence that these names sound similar, or is Anunnaki being worshiped in this temple as AnuNaga? You can see that the carving is covered with saffron powder, which is considered sacred in Hinduism. This is because, a group of locals, still worship this deity and perform monthly rituals on it.
I contacted them and they explained to me that AnuNaga means "those who look like snakes" - the name describing its reptilian features. The prefix Anu means "similar to" and Naga means Serpent in ancient Indian language. These people claim that this is the original form of Naga, the popular snake gods of India, who were later depicted with hooded snake heads. The carving shows legs which are not sturdy, but seem boneless and curved, which were later exaggerated as snake bodies. They also insist that all Naga deities must be referred to as Anunaga.
The Sumerian term Anunnaki means "Those who from heaven came down to earth" clearly describing their extraterrestrial origin. Nagas in Indian mythology also come from a different planet, and they prefer to live underground, building vast cities underneath the earth. This is identical to the portrayal of Anunnaki, who are the Gods of the Underworld.
In ancient Mesopotamian texts, like the Epic of Gilgamesh, there are only seven Anunnaki, ruling the Underworld. What's really fascinating is that, in the same temple we have the world's largest Nagas carved out of a single rock, and it also shows  a total of seven anuNagas or snakes. Are these similarities just coincidences? Is it possible that Anunaga and Anunnaki, are really the same Gods?
According to Sumerian texts, the Anunnaki  was able to genetically modify the human race, which is possible only by altering our DNA. This genetic manipulation is depicted in ancient civilizations by intertwined serpents, which represent the DNA strands.
The pillars of Lepakshi temple show a variety of these intertwined snakes, and each carving is different from the other.
Is it possible that these pillars show the same genetic experiments done by AnuNaki, which resulted in the creation of mankind. All ancient Naga temples also show these DNA patterns and some even show the emergence of human beings from these DNA strands.
Are these mere coincidences or are we looking at remnants of a distant past when Anunnaki or Anunaga landed on earth, and created these ancient civilizations? Now, If the Anunnaki really came from a different planet, what kind of spacecraft did they use?  In the same temple, we can see these massive carvings of circular spacecraft, which have baffled archeologists.
 You can see large circles, which have smaller circles around the circumference. What's really fascinating is that we can see the exact same figures as cave paintings, about 200 miles away. Considered the oldest cave paintings in India, these not only show the spacecraft, but also show extraterrestrials sitting inside the craft. Click here to see the UFO cave paintings.

Were these extraterrestrials, Anunnakis who came in flying saucers? More importantly, are Anunnakis and Anunagas one and the same Gods?  Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 


Could you please share some research on Bhimkund in Chattarpur

Dear Praveen its really great job your logical view convince any one that humans are induced by some other great intellect community that we can call the God or some thing special.please keepit up we expect more from you. I just want to thank & Appreciate for the unusual great work. Please let me know if You have any book or CDs by you which i can buy. With regards Udayachandra 8722203477

Dear Praveen its really great job your logical view convince any one that humans are induced by some other great intellect community that we can call the God or some thing special.please keepit up we expect more from you. I just want to thank & Appreciate for the unusual great work. Please let me know if You have any book or CDs by you which i can buy. With regards Udayachandra 8722203477

Hi Praveen,
yesterday i went to Undavalli Caves near to Vijayawada andrapeadesh Anathapadmanabha swamy temple..i

Dear Praveen,

As you said Anunnaki was able to genetically modify the human race and they ancient civilizations. In Tamil, we used to say nagarigam, which means culture.The word 'naga' in tamil represents snake and 'reegan(m)' in tamil represents 'creativity'. In other words, it represents the snake created the culture. Does it have any relation to nagaki and Tamil Nadu?.

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Hi! This is Arnab Sinha .The same type of flying disc image is on the seventh gate of padmanavaswami temple.

Hai i am also vijayawada need to contact you to discuss about undavalliv caves possible will go there once again

I love your research and videos thank you fordelving deep into the ancient past of India which complements the entire body of research and knowledge on Earth's ancient civilizations worldwide. Perhaps these are all remnants of a golden yuga that came before a great catastrophe. Long long ago we may have migrated here from a devastated planet in order to survive. After the civilization flourished awhile, there came a world catastrophe here too. Help of other visiting humanoids from elsewhere may have helped us back on our feet. The Ant people helped the Hopi underground during a worldwide catastrophe.The Nagas of India may have come here also. The Nagas look like they are trying to help us out in some of the carvings. Maybe the serpent in the bible was actually a Naga trying to help out with some appleseeds in the workers garden. Maybe an Anunaki foreman seen as a god didnt like that kind of gifting since it would make the slaves want to flee and be independent.The Anunaki came here to help themselves to earths plentiful resources, but they might of helped us out also while also participating in creating a slave labor work force. Some think our humanness came from the DNA hybridization creation of their science. But maybe they were also doing medical experiments on workers using the botanicals they discovered to be so prevalent on earth.If they were having problems with their planetary environment they probably were fighting diseases themselves. I think this planet has seen many kinds of catastrophic events and it seems that it has seen many humanoid type beings who made it their home for awhile. We have stayed a long time too. We must remember that we have done many of the same kinds of deeds that purported aliens may have done.I think that all beings in the universe have good individuals and selfish thoughtless individuals as well. Many may have mad scientists among them the same way that we humans do!
Nevertheless, its interesting to ponder what may have happened down through eons of time with all the different sentient beings coming here to this truly magical and healing wilderness of a planet.

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Hi Praveen,
I have been watching your videos,I am surprised and really felt happy proud of ancient knowledge .Even I like to dig into the past ancient sculptures and to know more about them.Here one small suggestion from my end is that why can't you telecast these videos on all local channels so that it reaches out to large Indians and they also get aware of our culture,ancient knowledge
So that they can be proud enough with that they keep all these tourist spots clean with high respect without causing any damage and they also start researching when they visit these kind of places and knowledge can be pass on to next generation without any errors as now we are taught in our schools and believing the same till it will be eye opener to everyone right from village to metropolitan people.

Why is it that ancient people build temple with rocks and not their houses.while u show they had advanced technology.w by did they not build their houses? neare about 10000 years rock painting found in kokan maharashatra , kangaroo, hipoo....

l love ur vedios please tell me what to study for these type of researches or any one can how to do please guide me and also mention ur qualification bro please.....

Hi praveen I'm from Coimbatore here there is a temple 1000yrs old and u can find a sculptute of soldier with a rifle gun and Chinese man and some interesting sculptures. Once u do visit this temple.

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Dear Praveen pls do visit place called Bhaderva in Srinagar where they worship snake god's as Sheshnag and brothers

Hey Praveen am great fan of your videos on ancient research .my question is u aleaya say that anicent technology wr thr now wr thr those did't u found

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