Mysterious Structures in Sacred Tirumala Hills - Ancient Stargate of Lord Vishnu?

 There is a strange stone arch found in the sacred hills of Tirumala. The arch is very big, it is over 26 feet wide and 10 feet in height and geologists confirm that no such formation exists in all of Asia. Scientists insist that this is a natural formation, even though it does not look like a natural structure. If you look at the rocks nearby, they appear to have cut marks at several areas suggesting that it was created with intelligent technology.

But there is something much more mysterious about this structure. It emits Electromagnetic radiation at certain times. You may wonder why a so-called natural formation needs an 8 foot tall fence and must be kept locked at all times.  I mean, if this is just a natural rock formation, why does it have to be locked? I have tried many times to contact the authorities to open this door so I can examine this closer, but all my requests were denied without any explanation. So I have to show you the footage from the outside, and I could not test the EMF radiation on site with my EMF meter. What could be happening in this area which is so secretive, that it is closed to the public? What could possibly be inside this place, which is just made of rocks?
Locals confirm that this structure was open to the public, but something strange started to happen in the last decade when people started using cell phones and cameras. Many people began complaining that their cell phones and cameras died when they got near the arch. One man fainted on site, and doctors examined and found out that his pacemaker had stopped working.  People say this is why this place has been fenced off. Is it possible that this structure is emitting some kind of emf radiation that interferes with electronic equipment? The workers who clean this area also told me that they are not allowed to take their cell phones inside. All these evidences indicate that the so-called natural formation emits a strange radiation, which is not understood by human beings.
The official plaque on this site says something very intriguing: It reads "Devotees believe that Lord Vishnu, the presiding deity of this sacred hill appeared through this as.. swayambhu" - Swayambu means appearing without the help of any devices or human beings. This means that he appeared through this arch which makes this structure a Stargate. Now, what is a Stargate? Is it a supernatural or fictional device? No, Einstein and Rosen confirmed that there are wormholes, which could transport anyone instantly from one distant planet to the other. The entrance to these wormholes are called stargates. Is it possible that Lord Vishnu came from another planet to earth through this stargate? Locals and religious experts say that this a fact, which is why this structure is called Silathoranam.  Silathoranam means a decorated rock gateway. A gateway to what?
Have you ever wondered why Indian gods are always depicted inside an arch? These arches are also called Silathoranam and they are almost always adorned with fire.If you ask historians and archeologists why these Gods were always carved within these fiery arches, they don't have any answers. Are these just meaningless arches or did ancient human beings witness extraterrestrial Gods from other planets appearing through Stargates?
Locals not only say this is where Lord Vishnu first set foot on earth, but have also carved his feet using a strange stone to remember this event. 
This carving is estimated to be many thousand years old. Again, we can see that this stone is also locked using a thick plastic box. This stone, just like the Stargate, also emits some strange energy which continuously creates water vapor. You can see that the box is always foggy. 
What kind of natural stone is capable of creating water vapor? Why are we not allowed to touch or examine these strange artifacts? This artifact and the stargate are just a few of the mysterious structures in this mountain range.. The entire mountain range is considered sacred by Hindus. Half a mile away, sits one of the richest temples in the world. This is where Lord Vishnu lived on earth. It is visited by 60,000  pilgrims every day and receives 100 Million dollars in donation every year. Again, no cell phones or electronic gadgets are allowed anywhere inside this temple.
Why are we not allowed to use electronic devices in all these areas?  Are locals and religious people talking about fictional stories or advanced scientific phenomena that happened once upon a time? How else do we explain this rock arch that emits EMF radiation at certain times? Is this a stargate that can be activated with sophisticated technology? Why is it locked? And what is the need for locking a stone carving? Why does it automatically create water vapor? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 


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