Fiji Islands

Fiji a country made up of over 330 beautiful islands. Crystal clear water, beautiful sandy beaches and friendly locals are just a few of the striking points of Fiji. Fiji can be the place where you experience your best activity time, whether it is Scuba Diving, Golfing or Hiking.

Fiji belongs to the Australian continent out of conventional use as the right term for the "Australian continent" is the Region Of Oceania. The important cities of Fiji are Suva (capital city), Nadi, Labasa, Savusavu and Lautoka.Out of more than 330 islands, only one-third (110) islands are inhabited. The rest of them are held as natural reserves to preserve the pristine beauty of mother nature.

Temples of Fiji: A huge temple in the city of Nadi, called Sri Sivasubramaniya Temple is built with a Dravidian style architecture with Tamil inscriptions of "AUM" on the front tower. It is rumored to be one of the largest in the southern hemisphere. Most Hindu temples in Fiji have been built in exclusive Tamil style. Other example is the Navasakthi Ganapathi Temple in Suva. The celebration of Thaipoosam , a Tamil festival is also common among the Hindus. This is is quite intriguing as you cannot find any Tamil language speakers in Fiji.

Resorts in Fiji: Resorts in Fiji can be extremely relaxing and refreshing if you do some research to find the right ones. Many resorts are built to surpass the expectation of the tourists. They are mostly built in "Bure" Style; Bure is the Fijian word for a Wood and Straw Hut. Below, you can see the White Sandy Beach Resort in Naviti Island of Fiji.

An underwater resort in Fiji called Poseidon Undersea Resort is under construction and was previously scheduled to open in 2009. However, most Fijians do not seem to know anything about it. We tried to locate this resort but could not do so as the guides did not know about it. We found this picture online about the room view from this underwater resort.

Sports & Activities: What you can do on Fiji is limitless. The guides and the locals are very friendly and they permit anything as long as you are not hurting yourself or others. You can do any or all of the below activities:

1. Go on a cruise to various islands.
2. Stop on the islands, set up barbecue and enjoy the native beer "Fiji".

2. Raft on rivers with bamboo rafts; take a dip in the water and swim along the rafts.
3. Sailing.
4. Windsurfing.
5. Scuba Diving.
6. Kayaking.
7. Canoeing.
8. Paragliding.
9. Hiking through the woods.
10. Birdwatching.
11. Water skiing.
12. Snorkeling.
13.Take part or watch Meke (a traditional fijian dance) or other polynesian dances.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant: About 30 minutes from the city of Nadi, a huge garden invites you with about 2,000 varieties of orchids spanning about 20 hectares of area. The garden also houses palm trees, coconut trees and other tropical plants. The entry fee is $14 and it includes your afternoon tea or a cold tropical juice of your choice. This garden was build by Raymond Burr and visitors are also allowed to see his holiday cabin.

Monuriki - The "Cast Away" Island: This was the island on which 'Cast Away', the Tom Hanks movie was shot. A boat can take you there and if you have a nice guide, he will explain where Tom Hanks wrote "HELP" on sand and other interesting scenes. Below is the view from the "Cast Away" island.

Native Culture of Fiji:

Even though most of the native Fijians are now Christians, they originally had an animistic religion. The priests were given high status in the society as people believed that they had supernatural powers. In ancient times, the Fijian Religion and their Social life were intertwined and inseparable from each other. Below, you can see a prechristian native temple of the Fijians.

Black Magic, consulting the gods and sacrifice was part of the ancient Fijian religion. As a part of their rituals, the native Fijians practice "Firewalking" where they walk on white stones laid on fire and are 800 degrees hot.

Other Places to See in Fiji:
  • The Fiji Museum in Suva.
  • Church of Saint Francis Xavier.
  • Fiji National Parks.

Fun Facts About Fiji:

1) They all speak English ( thanks to British Imperialists).

2) They have two distinct cultures, the native Fijian who are Christians and the Hindu Indians who came in the 1800s due to British's need for more manpower in Fiji. They seem to have some ethnic tension between them. (Again, thanks to British imperialists? )

3) Marketplace in cities like Suva and Nadi are great fun places to do shopping. Vegetables, fruits, fish, etc are brought in fresh and sold on the streets. Below you can see a bustling market place in Nadi.

4. Bula means Hello in Fijian language. You will use it a lot and people will yell Bula at you whenever they get a chance. My son counted that more than 90 people said "Bula" to him in a single day.

5. Get used to lizards! Yes, lizards! Almost in any resort or room you stay, you will find a couple of house lizards. They feed on small insects on the walls and ceiling and are completely harmless.


vacation in Fiji is best and memorable traveling experience, people of Fiji are very friendly and helping mind, they always help their tourist, the hotels and resorts are very luxurious and comfortable for accommodation.

Excellent Photos, I am a Fijian and i loved your post!

The article is right in pointing out "cannot find any Tamil language SPEAKERS" . It is true that there is a significant Tamil population in Fiji, but most of them can't speak Tamil. I am from Chennai and was disappointed to not find anyone to converse with in Tamil in Fiji, even when I was in the Sivasubramanya teple.

tamil country will speak tamil french will speak french but fijian will speak english my country my pride god bless fiji

Our family is getting ready to go to Fiji. Reading your blog is making me so excited..can't wait to go to Fiji.

Magical Island, looks like the paradise, heaven on the Earth. I also have some photos from my last visit, follow the link.

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