Fish Spa - Cancun, Mexico

The fish spa, also called 'PESSPA' is located about 20 minutes drive from the downtown of Cancun.
Here is the address: Niños Héroes, lote 24 A, Col. Doctores, C.P. 77560, Cancún, Q. Roo, México • Cel: +52 (1) 9987 349725.

It is a little hard to find the actual place as and maps don't work with the GPS and there are not enough signboards that lead you to this place.

Above: Fish Spa Entrance

Inside, you will find a 16 feet long swimming pool which is about 3 feet deep. This pool has about 2500 small, special type of fish called Garra rufa. These fish do not have any teeth and suction cells gently from your skin. If you don't make any sudden movements and relax, you can actually feel a gentle vibrating massage of the fish suctioning on your skin. These "doctor fish" as they are popularly called, do an excellent job of cleaning your skin.

 Above: A girl gets a full body massage in "Fish Spa"
They charge about $40 for the foot massage in which you just put your feet in the pool. The foot massage is about 40 minutes. They charge about $80 for the whole body massage which is for a whole hour. Chairs are placed in the pool, so you can sit comfortably and relax. You can also get transportation to and from your hotel for thirty extra dollars. You can pick your choice of white, red or rose wine and you can also get beer, coffee and tea. All these are included in the price of the massage as well.

Above: Garra Rufa gives a pedicure
Even for sceptics like us fish spa has been a delightful experience. These "doctor" fish definitely do a great job of going all over your body. The person at the front desk was Saul who was very friendly and helpful. He serves you wine and other beverages from time to time and leaves you alone to enjoy the fish massage.
Above: Saul smiles for the camera
Remember, you can't go in there with a lot of makeup,  bug sprayed or with other contaminants. They also have a small showcase of half a dozen fish tanks in which they have a variety of different fishes. They have clean changing rooms and a toilet.

All in all, it is a great experience to go to fish spa in cancun and we definitely recommend doing this.


Fish spa at cancun was fantabulous. too bad fish spas are banned in the US :(

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