Tanque Verde Ranch - Tucson, Arizona

Tanque Verde Ranch provides a truly amazing ranch experience. Your stay at this place will be totally relaxing and you can do plenty of activities like Horse riding lessons, Mountain Biking, Mountain riding, Fishing, Spa and more. You will be delighted with an authentic "Dude Ranch" experience and the best "Southern Hospitality".

14301 East Speedway Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85748
Phone: 800-234-3833 ; (520) 296-6275

Room Rates: 120 to 700 US Dollars per night
Package Rates: 265 to 695 US Dollars per night (Includes all activities including pickup from airport, food, lessons and everything)

For a city slicker or a person who has never ridden a horse, it is quite an experience to ride horses here. All the horseback riding activities begin at the Wrangler's Roost. The wranglers are very friendly and teach you well to go from the basics to become a good rider. Remember to wear jeans or long pants, sun glasses and a hat secured with stampede string. You can purchase a stampede string for a dollar at the front desk.

Above: Wrangler Cowgirls getting ready  to give loping lessons

Horseback Riding Lessons:

Basic Lesson:  The basic lessons are taught for the very beginners, who have never rode horses before. It is just a 30 minute session, where the wrangler makes you mount the horse, ride it gently and stop him.  If you take the breakfast ride or the mountain ride, you can safely skip this lesson.

Above: People walking horses - A part of the basic lesson

Horseman 'Fun'damental Lesson: A 90 minute session where you can walk and trot the horse, change directions and learns how to handle the reins.

Intermediate Lesson: This is a 75 minute session where you progress into 'loping' where the horse starts to move faster than a trot, but not in full gallop.

Lope Check: If you are familiar with horse riding, you can take the 'Lope Check' where they test your loping and trotting skills.

Obstacle Course: An advanced lesson where you are expected to be a pretty good horseback rider.

Above: Kids riding lessons are usually the kids' favorite activity here

Kids Riding Lessons: The kids are taken in groups and taught how to ride horses. Each session is approximately 90 minutes. The kids do really enjoy this lesson.

Horseback Riding Activities:

Breakfast Ride: Starts at 7.45 A.M and you will ride on a horse to a beautiful hilltop where you have a nice breakfast. The view along the way is excellent, filled with tall cactus plants and other thorny trees. This ride is split into two groups: walking ride and loping ride. If you are a beginner, you should take the walking ride.

Above: People eat breakfast at the mountain top

Mountain Adventure Ride: This ride starts at 8 A.M and lasts until 12.30 P.M. As the name says, you will take an adventurous route on the mountain and explore the beauty of the sonoran desert.

Team Penning:The riders are split up into two teams and you need to guide the calves into pens. Loping is not allowed and a great deal of team effort is required to do this activity. Calves run here and there and make this a difficult, but fun activity.

Funkhana: FunKhana is a horse riding game where you have to maneuver the horse between barrels and cones set up in the Arena. Medals are given to the winners!

Other activities:

Rattle Snakes Show:

The Rattle Snakes show is conducted on Sundays next to the Wrangler's Roost. You can see some live Rattlesnakes and the presenter explains about how their survival and their role in the


You don't need any equipments or experience to go fishing in the Cochran lake in the ranch. Just walk over to the lake on Monday, Thursday or Saturday between 2.30 to 4.30. You can catch some blue gills for sure, and if you are lucky, you can even catch some bass or cat fish.

Above: Bike or hike through the cactus filled Tanque Verde Ranch

Biking & Hiking:

Biking and hiking trips are popular. They give you all the gears you need and take you around the desert and the mountain. It is also fun because you get to spot many desert animals like rattle snakes, jack rabbits and bobcats.

Other Games:

There are a couple of tennis courts, a basketball court and a volleyball court. You can play pool in the Dog House Saloon. You can play foosball, Ping Pong and Bumper Pool in the Wrangler's Roost.


In an all inclusive package, you get all 3 meals for free and all activities are included.

Breakfast 7.30 A.M - 9 A.M

Lunch 12 P.M - 1.30 P.M

Dinner 6 P.M - 8 P.M

The food is excellent and will definitely meet your expectations.

Kids Program: They have a dedicated kids program where you can leave your kids and they take care of them, almost all day. The kids do a variety of activities including horseback lessons, learning and playing other games.

Above: The view from Tanque Verde Ranch

Other Interesting details about Tanque Verde:

1. Tanque Verde Means "Green Pool" or "Green Tank" noting a seasonal river close to the ranch.

2. When you are hiking or biking in the mountain desert, you can spot several animals including jackrabbits, Javelinas, Bobcats, Mountain Lions.

3. In the dining room, you can meet a lot of nice people if you choose to sit on the community table.

4. Free Shuttle Service is available to and from the Tucson Airport.

5. No TV in the rooms. They have tried to recreate an authentic ranch house type ambience. Sit outside the room for a great middle-of-the-desert experience.

Above: Relax outside your room - It is right in the middle of the Sonoran Desert!

6. Alcohol service could be made better. The Bar (Saloon) only opens at 5 P.M and closes anytime after 9 P.M. You can buy a cold beer ($6) anytime from the front desk, but you are better off buying a six pack for $16.

7. Starlight movie nights screen "The Lone ranger" in the Saguaro Room.

8. Check the brochures page that has all the information about Tanque Verde. You can't get them anywhere else online. Reading the brochures will help you decide what kind of activities and packages to choose.


the best place i have ever been. I have my own horse that i jump at home, but this is a great western experience.

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