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If you have ever wondered how it would be to fly an aircraft, Flight Experience is the place for you. If you want to be a pilot, it is a great place to start. With an amazingly realistic cockpit and an experienced pilot to train you personally, what more could you want? As a 'newbie' pilot, you can takeoff and land in any airport in the world! Even if you are a glider pilot or a small aircraft pilot, flying a big bird like Boeing 737 will be quite a fantastic experience. The simulator is top notch with outstanding screens and real controls, your adrenaline rush is guaranteed.
Flight Experience In Singapore - An Incredible Experience, Indeed
Address: 30 Raffles Ave, Second Floor, Singapore 039803

Phone: +65 1800 737 0800 ; +65 6339 2737

Email: singapore@flightexperience.com.sg

Timings: 10 A.M to 10 P.M everyday

Ticket Price: A variety of different flight packages are available. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

30 Minute Scenic Flight: $175 (DVD Video is extra $20)
45 Minute City Circuits: $215
60 Minute City Flyer:    $275
90 Minute Ultimate: $395
60 Minute Multi city Flyer: $300
90 Minute Multi Ultimate: $430

For a first timer, the 30 minute scenic flight should be more than enough. You will typically fly to two different destinations, one during day time and one during night. If you have some experience in flying, you may want to purchase the longer flight tickets. Watch the video below of the full flight experience!

The Simulator: After you "check in" at the counter and get your ticket, you are ready to be a pilot! Your trainer, also called the "First Officer" will greet you and take you into the cockpit of the flight simulator. The First Officers are certified pilots and the simulator feels like a real aircraft, indeed. You get to sit on the left seat, while the trainer will sit on the right.

Anywhere & Everywhere: You can choose from 24,000 airports! Do you want to takeoff from Singapore Changi Airport and land in your hometown? Do you want to land in Newark airport while viewing the New York City's skyscrapers? Do you want to takeoff from Chicago and land in Chennai, India? Anything is possible here!

Ready? Once you adjust the seat comfortably and put your seat belt on, the trainer will explain all the controls and instruments that you will use for flying. There are about a hundred different switches in front, on top and to your right, but don't panic. All you need to do is listen to the trainer and he will explain the most important controls. There are only about a dozen key features that you will use for takeoff, flight and landing.
A trained pilot will guide you throughout your takeoff, flight and landing
Takeoff: When you are ready to takeoff, advance the thrust lever and the aircraft will start taxiing on the runway. When your trainer says "rotate" pull the control column to lift the nose up and the aircraft will lift in the air! Keep the control column at the angle specified by your trainer for a smooth takeoff.  Don't get too distracted by the amazing aerial view, because you have to take the aircraft to a higher altitude of 3000 feet. You have to maintain the airspeed, heading and the altitude in order to have a smooth flight. Once you have done that, you can turn off the "Seat Belts" switch for your (imaginary) passengers.

Flight: The flight is the perfect time for you to learn more about the stunning array of indicators and instruments all around you. You can also ask the instructor about emergency situations, foggy or rainy days and how to work with air traffic controls on ground and so on. Set your "flats" and change your "power" and now we are going on a flat profile.  Your instructor will teach you how to steer left and right and proceed to the destination for landing.

Landing: Landing the aircraft is very exciting. You will see a bright red light and you need to aim for that. Lower the "nose" and go towards the light and you will approach the runway. Keep the aircraft at the center of the aircraft and at 50 feet, cut the throttle and power. Keep the aircraft flat at the runway and apply thrust slowly to stop the aircraft. Now, you have safely landed the 60 ton aircraft. Is your job done? No! You need to take the aircraft to the terminal, so that the (imaginary) passengers can exit the aircraft comfortably.
Night time flying is a fascinating experience 
Night View: You will takeoff, fly and land during night time. The operations you perform is very similar to the day time flight mentioned above, except that the  night view is much more amazing. Please make sure you are flying in a city during night time. For example, takeoff from Tokyo or Hong Kong. Otherwise, even the most scenic places like Swiss Alps will barely be visible during night. After you finish your night time flight, it is time to exit the cockpit and return to the counter.

Boeing Store: Back at the counter, you can buy the DVD video of your flight experience. It looks great, except that it is not high definition. You can also buy other products like t-shirts, toy airplanes and other Boeing products.

Flight Experience is the closest thing to flying a real commercial airliner. If you have a kid, it is the best gift you can give him/her. Unlike other Singapore attractions like Night Safari and Arab Street, this is also a learning experience with a one-on-one trainer. This one beats all other avionic simulators and will be a unique and unforgettable experience. This activity is easily one of the top 10 things to do in Singapore. All in all, Flight Experience is a must do whether you are a tourist or a Singaporean.


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