Stingray Beach, Cozumel - Mexico

Stingray Beach at Cozumel offers a unique experience of petting, feeding and swimming with Stingrays. Stingrays are notorious for stinging with their barbs, but you don't have to worry here. All the Stingrays here are 100% safe as their barbs have been removed! You can pet them, feed them and even swim with these slithery, slimy creatures. There are scores of stingrays here which playfully swarm around you and you get to pose with them for a memory of a lifetime. Don't let the word "beach" confuse you, as this place is a private water enclosure where you don't come in contact with wild stingrays.
Hold Them, Pet Them and Even Kiss The Stingrays! 
Address: Km 2.807 Carratera Costera Sur S/N 77660, Cozumel, Mexico

Phone: +52 987 872 4932

Timing:  Mon-Sat: 8 A.M - 3:30 P.M
                Sunday:  9 A.M - 11 A.M
               Your stay will last an hour.

What should you go with:
  • Swimsuit
  • Sunblock
  • Underwater Camera
  • Towel
  • Extra cash for snacks and mementos.
Price :

$59 for adults  (Stingray Encounter& Snorkel Only)
$34 for kids under 12 (Stingray Encounter& Snorkel Only)
$110 (Scuba Diving Only)
$50 for DVD that has you video and pictures (85 files)
5$ to 8$ for taxi from anywhere to Cozumel to the Stingray beach
Note: You can pay online for the tickets using Paypal.
All the Stingrays in this private enclosure have no stingers!
How to get a discount?
  • If you arrive through a Cruise ship, purchase the ticket through the cruise for discounts, freebies and special preferences.
  • Ask the "tour guides" stationed outside hotels in Cozumel. You can easily get 10 $ off and if you are an astute negotiator, there is no limit to how much discount you can get.
  • Search online for discount coupons for the Stingray beach.
What's in the Stingray Beach?
  1. Knee-deep Waters for feeding stingrays
  2. 20 feet Private Well for swimming
  3. Water Trampoline
  4. Snack Bar
  5. Massage Parlor (Not a fish spa, though)
  6. Showers/Changing Room
  7. Souvenir Shop that sells knickknacks,  photos, etc.
Hush! Safety instructions in progress..

Stingray Encounter & Snorkeling: It starts of with you getting into your swimsuit and will be given snorkeling mask, life vest and fins. You are then given instructions on how to touch them, feed them etc. Now, you can proceed into knee deep waters where there are dozens of stingrays in all sizes. You will be given a handful of fish to feed the stingrays, and just dip the feeder fish one by one into water. Watch the stingrays come and grab the fish (gently) out of your hands!

Watch the video of People feeding Stingrays!

After the feeding is over, the trainer will pick a stingray up, and explain its body parts and tell you some interesting information. You get to touch, feel and even kiss the stingrays and take pictures with them. There are a variety of Stingray species like Cownose Stingrays, Southern Stingrays, Yellow Stingrays and Leopard Whiprays. 

After this photo shoot gets over, you can proceed into a 20 feet deep, wide well. You can swim and snorkel with a variety of colorful fish and rays. There is also a water trampoline! The entire stingray encounter lasts about an hour and then you can collect your pictures, and may be eat a hot dog or a sampler at the snack bar. A variety of Knickknacks and souvenirs can also be bought at the shop here. They make you nice, Mexican bracelets for $4.
Wanna Scuba dive with the Stingrays? Yes, it is possible!
Stingray Scuba Experience: They do offer scuba diving with stingrays, even for people who can't swim !#! While this would be an impossible thing to do in the U.S (safety reasons), they give you instructions and training in knee-deep waters and then take you scuba diving right away. I don't recommend this, but I have seem many non swimmers do this and have a time of their life.
Pose with the geico, i mean green iguanas!
Hermit Crab Race & Green Iguanas: This is another special activity where you can see hermit crabs run for gold medal.  You can feed green iguanas with grapes, which reminded us of the island filled with iguanas in the Bahamas. You can also play and pose with green iguanas, while the "paparazzi" surround you to take pictures. This is a treat, especially for young kids.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the top 10 things to do in Cozumel. It is also probably one of a kind in the world, where you can play and swim with stingrays.  If you are taking kids along, it will be an unforgettable experience for them. And in Cozumel, Everybody Loves Rays.


I purchased the cd with our pictures on it. How do I get the copy right release so I print the pictures here in the United States?

@Anonymous above, if you have the CD, you can print pictures of your Stingray Beach however you want. If you lost it, they have your pictures on the website for a certain time (3 months, I think) and they will allow download if you ask by email: .They won't claim copyright whatsoever if you bought the CD.

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