Unmistakable Evidence Of Ancient Astronauts in India - Mahabalipuram

While visiting Mahabalipuram in India which is famous for rock temples, we found some shocking depictions of rocket spacecrafts, astronauts and complex flying machines. These carvings were done in 7th and 8th century A.D , but show the existence of ancient flying machines. Let us take a look at some of them.
A rocket space craft at the center of the tower
A Rocket spacecraft, with a wide base and an a sharp aerodynamic top stands erect on the temple tower. Notice the similarity of the design to our modern day rockets sent into space. Remember that these carvings were done 1200 years ago, although we know that the first rocket spacecraft was launched only in 1957.
An ancient astronaut at the top of the tower with three antennas on his head
On the very top of the temple tower, is a humanoid figure adorned with three antennas. If it were only two antennas on the sides, we can easily dismiss it as a mythical figure with 2 horns. This looks similar to the alien astronauts of Nazca lines. to What is the need to put this figure at the very top? Is this in fact, an ancient astronaut flying into the space?
Multiple faces carved within circles, like vignette photographs in a museum
What are these faces carved on the temple? Even tour guides are at a loss to explain this, as they don't look like typical Hindu gods. The faces look eerily similar to the classic vignette photographs that you would find in an old building. Just like you would find photographs of people who helped build a building, these different faces are carved around this temple.
Vinayaka, The Elephant God was placed recently inside the chamber to prevent vandalism
But wait! This is a temple carved for a Hindu god. Why put an 8 foot Elephant God statue inside the temple if this is all about ancient astronauts? Right? Wrong! The statue of the Hindu god was placed inside the structure less than 50 years ago! No one knows what was originally inside. In recent times, it has become a common practice in India to put a God's statue to prevent vandalism. So, it makes sense why the statue was places inside: people would keep away from destroying the carvings. In fact, none of the caves here have had a primary statue of a God (called moolavar) inside. This is distinctly different from other caves like Ellora, found in India.
Above: Another chamber has no carvings or signs of any statue installation, just a raised rock platform
For further proof that Mahabalipuram was not built for religious purposes, look into another chamber in the nearby tower. What is there? Nothing! No carvings, no sign of any existence of statues installed, ever. Only a flat rock bed. What could have been inside 1200 years ago? Were they used for experimenting with explosive or radioactive material? This is a possibility, as the rock caves would protect and prevent others from getting hurt. If an air tight steel door was installed in the doorway, it could still be used for many scientific experiments.

On a side note, archaeologists agree that Machu Picchu is not a temple, either. Do these enormous stone structures found all over the world have some other valuable reason? Was it done by thousands of sculptors on such astounding magnitude just to kill time?
Face of the Tamil King Narasimhavarman, carved in Mahabalipuram
Now, let us go back to the faces for a minute. Look at this face: it looks like the Indian King who built the temple. He wears a crown and you can also see his right ear ring.
Two faces carved within circles, one resembling African and the other, European
What about these two faces? Are these humans or aliens? The one on the left is a side view of a face. Is it human? If so, look at the significantly larger nose and bigger lips? Could it be a depiction of an African king? What about the face on the right? Since it resembles a Caucasian face,  could it be the Roman King Heraclius? Was the world better connected 1200 years ago? Or are these faces of "Heavenly Gods" capable of flight, mentioned in ancient texts?
A modern day vignette of George Washington, as seen in a museum 
Now, think about a modern day building, where you find (vignette) photographs of founders and patrons who helped to build it. Were these carvings done to give credit to the people who helped the ancient astronauts?
The entire structure which is mistakenly thought of as temple by tourists and locals.
Now that we know it is not a temple at all, look at the entire structure. Is it a depiction of an elaborate space research center like NASA? The security system is depicted by two strong men with weapons on either side of the entrance. They are called "Dwarapalakas" literally meaning "Protectors of the gateway". Gateway to what?
The upper half of the tower shows complex aerodynamic structures
As you go from the bottom to the top, you can see multiple aerodynamic structures, probably propulsion devices that support the final spaceship on top. This complex engineering design reminds us of the alien tools in Nazca lines.
Four Fire Breathing Lions in a row, shouldn't the fire go up when they breathe? 
There are many distinct sculptures of fire breathing lions, all over the stone towers. These lions are not to be confused with Yali, the mythical Hindu creature found in shrines like the Madurai Meenakshi Temple. Why are there so many faces of lions and why are they all breathing fires? If in fact, they are breathing fire, why is the fire going down, instead of going up?
A closeup of a fire breathing lion's face - Do you see two astronauts facing each other?
Let us ignore the fire and look closely at the face of the lion. Is it a face of the lion, or  do you see two people facing each other? These two humanoids are wearing helmets and are enclosed tightly in a pod. Their facial features are not visible, because they would be wearing glass visers, similar to a modern day astronaut. They also wear a complete body suit which has 2 small projections resembling pincers.
A modern day astronaut - The visor would conceal his face, just as seen in the carvings
Take a look at the modern day astronaut's visor. If a modern day sculptor were to carve this, how would he show the facial features?
Four Ancient Spacecrafts blasting off - Fire at the bottom, while smoke and dust rises up!
Now, let us go back to the "fire breathing lions". Now, do you see 4 spacecrafts blasting off, carrying 2 astronauts each? During the launching, there would be a massive fire below the spacecraft and smoke would rise up, which is also accurately shown in the sculptures. Doesn't this make more sense than fire breathing lions?

Is this enough evidence to prove that ancient astronauts were depicted in the rocks and caves of Mahabalipuram? After all, there are thousands of sculptures in the area and we have only seen a few of them.  Should n't there be more carvings about spacecrafts and astronauts? Yes! I will be posting more evidence here in a few days.


Please correct it
Vinayaka, The Elephant God
His name is GANESHA and he is Hindu God not Elephant God

yes.i appreciate Anonymous. vinayaka is not a elephant god.

Ganesha is obviously a Hindu God but his head is of an Elephant, not Cat/Dog unless you're advising it as a Mammoth and not Elephant. So calling Ganesh an Elephant God would not be wrong!!

Actually Vinayaka is another name for Lord Ganesha, the Intergalactic Lord. Vinayaka is the mainfestation of the Lord of Removing Obstacles that is represented by His trunk pointing over his right shoulder. This stone image has the trunk pointing over the left shoulder. That is by far the most common manifeststion.

Ellora caves.
I recently watched you on the history channel.
Cave 13 is very interesting. I think it is much older than stated by the historians. thousands of people lived there. No toilet waste piles, no eaten animal bone piles, no rock... 400,000. tons ? No burial pits for the people... Something does not sound right here...

I have been watching your videos only today, and loved your expositions on the "Qutab Minar"; I love the whole idea of "aliens visited Ancient Earth" - but all this will remain mere conjecture, to be dismissed out of hand by serious scientists, unless one finds corroborative evidences. Apparently, the story is that some Aliens landed on various parts of Earth at some point of time in the past, then they left, and the people who saw them made stories about them and depicted them in their art and architecture, and in time these became folklore and legend. But there is little of hardcore, direct evidence, and many questions remain, which should be answered: (1) Exactly when did the Aliens come (2) How long did they stay here? (3) Why did they come? (4) Why did they leave? (5) How far did they spread on the surface of Earth? (6) What did they do when they were here? (7) If they did do something here, where is the evidence of that activity? (8) Why isn't there any direct reference to these aliens in the texts? I am not saying these questions are fatal to your theory; instead, I am asking you (or somebody) to reconstruct the whole story. Looking at historical monuments and coming up with possibilities is one thing; coming up with hard, incontrovertible evidence is another thing altogether: it will put you in the annals of Earth history forever! Just think about that!

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Elephant God means either a god worshipped by elephants or an elephant worshipped as God.
Ganesha is neither. Lord Siva struck off Ganesha's head, not knowing he was his son Then he went in search of a head to replace it. He found an elephant, cut off its head and placed it on Ganesha's neck.
Since then Ganesha has had an elephant head.
There are many ways of interpreting this.
One is that to achieve Gd i.e. enlightenment, one has to lose one's ego i.e. head..
Another theory is that Ganesha was a space man, and wearing a suit with a tube for breathing (elephant trunk)
Whatever the theory, Ganesha is NOT an Elephant God

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