Rare Coins At Thanjavur Art Gallery - India

While I was at Thanjavur Palace, I visited the Art Gallery located in the Durbar hall. I was pleasantly surprised to see plenty of old and fascinating coins. Some of them were as old as 300 B.C! A picture is worth a thousand words, so I am posting everything I took pictures of. Some of the coins were not well preserved, and sometimes my photography sucks. I've tried my best to post good pictures of these rare coins, in no particular order. There were also other items like Chola Sculptures and Mudhumakkal Thazhi in the art gallery, but this post is all about coins.

Raja Raja Chola Copper Coins With Figures
Copper coins from Chola period

200 B.C Kushan Vijayan Copper Coin

300 B.C Punch Marked Copper Coins

A collection of various copper coins

Arabia Antique Coin

Aziz-ud-din Alamgir II Coins 1/8 Rupee

Aziz-ud-din Alamgir II Coins

Belgique 1938 Coin

Bhuvanekabahu VII Kotte Ceylon Copper Coin

Bombay Mine Scale Mark 1833 Half Anna Coin

Old Burma Coin (Myanmar)

Chhatrapati Sivaji Copper Coin

A cup with Rajendra Chola Copper Coins

Cyprus Half Piastse coin

East India Company 1835 - copper half anna coins

Great Britain - Queen Elizabeth Six Pence 1958 Silver Coin 
Hyderabad State Silver Coin

Indian Independence Medal August 15, 1947

Indo French Pondicherry Copper Coins

Indo French Shahalam Rupee Antique Silver Coins

Indo Portuguese Copper Coins Carlos 1/4 Tauga

Kozi Coins Copper

Morocco coin 1371

Mysore KrishnaRaja Vadran Coin Antique

Mysore Tipu Sultan Coins with Elephant figure

Mysore Tipu Sultan Coin Bull Figure

Mysore Tipu Sultan Vijayaraghava Copper Coins with Sangu & Chakkara (Conch and Wheel)

Nawab Of Madura Copper Coin

Pandyan Copper Coin with a human figure

Pandyan Copper Coins

Pudhukottai Amman Copper Coins

Raja Raja Chola Copper Coins

Raja Raja Chola Copper Coins

Raja Raja Chola Lead Coin 
Sevanthalam Gold Coins

Silver Jubilee Medal King George 

Sundara Pandyan Copper Coins

Travancore Maharaja Copper Coins With Conch Figure

Turkey Coin

Veeraiyan Panam Gold Coins

Veeranarayana Panam Silver Coins
4 Anna Coins with KingGeorge (1919 -1921)

10 Cent Malaya Coins

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of these rare coins. If you ever visit the Thanjavur Palace, don't forget to visit the Thanjavur Art Gallery as well. 


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