Giant Skeletons Found in Maryland - Nephilim is real?

Giant Skeletons were discovered in Maryland, according a newspaper called Clinton Morning Age published on November 16, 1897. What happened to these giant skeletons? Where are they now?


Greetings, From the time of first contact in the New World there have been regular accounts of the stature of the indigenous peoples. Accounts written of the Wampanoag women abound. I, myself am Iroquois -Mohawk. When at Council or Pow Wow among the tribes I am a runt at 6' 4". Most of the Bucks run at or around seven foot tall with the girth to go with it. Doubtless one of the reasons of the fearsome injuns' that genocide became a necessity toward. Granted, many tribes of the southwest did not carry such stature. European inbreeding? When you go north toward Washington State, again you find such stature, as you do going eastward into the plains. o...

There are REAL accounts of giants in America. Read the Bible, Genesis 6. Archeologists will never tell the truth and neither will your church. They will lose funding for their dig and never get to be a pastor of a church. These prove the Bible right and Evolution wrong. This font has a modern heading and the body font is different from the rest of the printing on the page.

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