Serpent Mound, Ohio - Ancient Aliens?

Let’s take a look at the Great Serpent Mound in Ohio and I am going to show you some solid evidence of extraterrestrial connection to this amazing structure. The specialty of this structure is that you can’t really see the entire serpent from any one point in the ground. From this aerial video, you can easily understand that the Serpent Mound was designed to be viewed from above. Now compare this aerial view with what we can see from the ground level. It is obviously constructed to be viewed from the air, but who could have viewed it a thousand years ago other than ancient astronauts?
Aerial View of Serpent Mound in Peebles, Ohio
Let’s examine the construction of the Serpent Mound. Do we really need extraterrestrials to create a raised pile of dirt on the ground? The simple and straight forward answer is No, we don’t need aliens to create a mound like this, but there is one serious problem. The Serpent Mound is not just a random pile of dirt, but aligns itself perfectly with all the major solar and lunar events.
Three coils of the Serpent Mound align with 6 major Solar events
For example, these three coils of the Serpent line up accurately with all the Solstice and Equinox events. But what is more surprising is that these coils also align precisely with 6 major lunar events.  If this is not enough, the Serpent Mound also matches with constellation Draco and is even geometrically connected to other ancient structures in the world.
Six coils align with Major Lunar events 
So it is obvious that the Serpent Mound is not just a simple of pile of dirt, but a carefully designed structure that harbors spectacular scientific information. To create something like this, it is absolutely essential that the builders had knowledge of writing, measurements and advanced astronomy. But according to archaeologists, ancient Native Americans could not write, do measurements and did not have great astronomical knowledge.

Another feature that baffles archaeologists is that the Serpent mound was not constructed simply by piling dirt on the ground. It has 3 distinct layers composed of stones, clay and black top soil. In addition to this, the Serpent was once covered with huge rectangular stones like these.
A large stone stele found near the Serpent Mound
This dolomite stone is about 10 feet long and 2 feet in width and depth and weighs about 4500 pounds. Imagine how many of these plinths would be needed to place on top of the Serpent Mound which stretches a quarter mile long. This means that the builders used wheels, Pack Animals and must have had a significant amount of able bodied men. Again, archaeologists tell us that ancient Native Americans did not use wheels or pack animals. Historians and archaeologists agree that a thousand years ago, Native Americans lived a nomadic life with no more than 200 people at any one place.

So, it is impossible that the Serpent Mound was created by a group of 200 hunter-gatherers without advanced technology, written language and astronomical knowledge.If Native Americans did not build the Serpent Mound, who really built it?

The astonishing truth is that it was built by Giants who were more than 7 feet tall. This is unbelievable, but we have solid archaeological evidence of these Giant Mound Builders and they are documented in standard text books. For example, Don Dragoo, a renowned archaeologist talks about a Giant Skeleton which he personally excavated in a book called “Mounds for the Dead “.
Here is a picture of a skeleton found 3 feet below the surface near the Serpent Mound. This skeleton was measured to be seven feet tall. Now the really bizarre part is that this skeleton did not have any bones below the knees and it still measured 7 feet tall, which means that the original height of this Giant would have been over 9 feet tall.  These are just a few examples to prove that the Mound builders were in fact Giants. There are literally hundreds of photographs, paper clips and even recorded eyewitness accounts to show categorically that Giants built these mounds in Ohio Valley.

But why did these Giants who lived on earth, create the Serpent mound which can be seen only by extraterrestrials? How are these Giants related to otherworldly beings? If we look into ancient texts from all over the world, they unanimously state that these Giants were the offsprings born to human mothers and extraterrestrial fathers.
Left: Cronus, a Greek Titan; Right: Bhima, a Hindu Giant. Both were born to human mothers and divine fathers
In the Bible, these Giants are called Nephilims and are portrayed as a genetic blend between humans and Gods.  In Hindu texts, many Giants are recorded as being born to human mothers and Fathers who were Gods. If these accounts are true, were the mound builders also born as a hybrid between aliens and human beings?  Many ancient civilizations also claim that Mysterious structures like pyramids of Egypt and the Stonehenge in England were all built by Giants to communicate with their Fathers. Is it possible that the Serpent Mound was also built to communicate with extraterrestrials? Why else would a mound be constructed that is only visible fully from the sky? If the Serpent Mound was built as a signal for extraterrestrials to arrive, shouldn't there be evidences of alien activity in this area?

On August 23rd 2003, a local woman named Tree Pruitt saw a bright object moving in night sky, making a strange pattern. Being an artist, she created a sketch of this pattern on a piece of paper and went to sleep. The next morning, a crop circle had appeared in a nearby farm which accurately matched the sketch created the night before.  Now, this UFO activity and the crop circle appeared less than half a mile from the Serpent Mound.
Crop circle appeared next to the Serpent Mound; Photo by Chris Steele.
Was the Serpent created as a symbol or a signal to guide alien ships? Nobody on earth really knows the symbolic meaning of the Serpent Mound, but it seems to be an alien symbol. On August 5th 1999 this crop circle appeared near Barbury Castle in England.  Look at the remarkable similarity between this figure and the Serpent Mound. How is it possible that a crop circle with the same symbol appear 3500 miles away?
This Crop circle appeared near Babury Castle, U.K. Serpent Mound's replica? 
We can see Snake-like Reptilian figures portrayed in ancient scriptures and sculptures around the globe. These Serpentine Gods arrived from the Sky and possessed supernatural abilities like flight and shapeshifting. Is the Serpent Mound also a symbol of Reptilian Gods? Is that why plenty of UFO sightings are reported near the Serpent Mound?
Serpentine Gods portrayed in (left) Maya, (middle) Hindu and (right) Egyptian cultures
Remember, we are just scratching the surface of the mysteries behind this structure. People have reported geomagnetic anomalies, multiple lightning strikes on the mound, roars of thunder heard from underground and even some strange caves and tunnels in the area. Geologists recently discovered high concentrations of Iridium, one of the rarest elements in Earth’s crust, beneath the Serpent Mound. High surface deposits of Uranium ore are also found within 25 miles of this enigmatic structure.
Ground view of the Serpent Mound. What is underneath?
So, what do you think? Do you think that Astronomical Alignments, Giant Skeletons and Crop Circles are all just coincidences? Or is the Serpent Mound linked with extraterrestrial intelligence?


This is a very flawed theory. Ancient Native cultures built the city of Cahokia and many other such mounds and structures around the same time that Serpent Mound was built. They also farmed and cultivated the land with precise knowledge of astronomical dates, there are many ancient American sites that align perfectly with solstices and equinoxes.

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Using you can easily debunk these claims.

What's interesting to me is a possible link to the serpent in the Eden legend as it offers a fruit from it's mouth to Eve.

If we do an accurate study of Genesis,we can note that the "firmament"was created AFTER the creation of this period.Perhaps,no division existed betwixt the heavens and the earth.....?

@Taylor Stacey. You are totally wrong. The Native Americans has nothing to do with Mounds around USA.

"Although we don't claim that we built Serpent Mound, historically we respect and protected various mounds and earthworks". Chief Wallace

You’re probably right. Native American tribes as we know them most likely did NOT construct Serpent Mound. It is now believed due to new archeological evidence to be over 4,000 years old at least, likely much older.

Geologists and geophysicists at Ohio's Wright State University in the early 2000's found the high concentrations of iridium to be associated with an asteroid or meteor impact roughly 260 million years ago. Serpent mound was built near the rim of that 6 mile wide impact crater.

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