The Haunted Club Chameleon - Key West, Florida

With the amount of tourists flowing into Key West every year, any building in the downtown is a prized possession. All but one. This is the haunted building called Club Chameleon right in the middle of downtown Key West, Florida. It has been abandoned for years because the workers will not stay for more than a few days due to eerie, mischievous presence in the building.

The original building of this property was built in 1863, it was a Baptist church actually, a pastor and his wife were living in the church. The pastor’s wife has an affair with the deacon. In a small town like Key West, people do nothing but talk about each other. So, pretty soon the entire town is talking about this affair. The pastor gets wind of this, but doesn’t say anything to his wife. Six months go by, and people are surprised that the wife is getting away with this affair. They say "He is a pastor. He forgives and forgets."

One Sunday morning, the wife takes 17 choir kids inside the church for practice. The pastor barricades the doors, pours kerosene all around and burns it to the ground. Those 17 kids and his wife burned alive inside that building. A year later, they built another church on the property and there has never been a fire since then. In 1990s they converted this into a theater, they used to stage plays. On the very first day, when the play was halfway through, the audience smelled smoke so strongly, they feared for their lives and started running out screaming. There was no fire, however. This happened night after night, and they ran out of business.

There has not been a business here since 1990s up until 6 months ago. The problem is entrepreneurs will come down here, trying to start a business. They could not get a construction crew to stay in this building for more than 3 days. All the construction crews had the same thing happen to them. Tools getting thrown around, doors getting slammed behind them. If they stayed in one place too long, their shoe laces will get tied together. Kids can be mischievous, that’s what kids do, play games.

A construction worker lit up a cigarette and got shoved so hard, he moved out of Key West. Anyone who lights up a cigarette or candle creating smoke or fire will be punished by these kids. About 6 months ago, a businessman has bought this place and is trying to have fundraisers and wedding receptions here. It is listed as Carib Theater on google maps and the address is 512 Eaton Street, Key West, FL 33040.

Many people, who put their head up the glass, hear tapping, banging or scratching. You might smell smoke, taste sulfur or just feel sad. Sometimes the glass feels really hot, like touching an oven, some people get a tingling sensation. Sensitive people break down in tears at this location, they have no idea why they are crying, but can’t stop until they move away from here. Let's hope these poor kids can rest in peace, someday.

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