Creepiest Mausoleum In The World? Calvin C Phillips Tomb - Tallahassee, Florida

The Mausoleum of Calvin C. Phillips in Oakland Cemetery, in Tallahassee, Florida is undoubtedly one of the spookiest mausoleums in the world. Why? Because a man walked into this mausoleum, lied down inside the casket and then died.  This is not just a rumor, it is recorded clearly that on 19th of November, 1919, Calvin C. Phillips told a man who was passing by to call his undertaker and then went into the mausoleum. The undertaker, Mr. Culley, came within an hour, and found Phillips dead inside the casket. He was alarmed, so he called the authorities and it was determined beyond any doubt that this was a natural death.
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No funeral services were held, nobody came to see his body. All the undertaker had to do was lock the door and his job was done. Till date, it has remained a mystery that a human being could calculate the time of his death so accurately. But what did Calvin Phillips do? He was a fanatic clock maker and was obsessed with the concept of time, so obsessed that he built his house in Tallahassee with a huge clock tower. But what else is known about this man? Pretty much nothing. All we can gather is that his name is Calvin C. Phillips and he died on November 19, 1919.
The back of Calvin C. Phillips Mausoleum in Tallahassee, Florida
This man’s life is a real puzzle because people have searched through census records and birth certificates from all the 50 states and have found no record of him. Because of this, there are even rumors that he is a Vampire who lived for centuries, got tired of living and locked himself in the mausoleum.
World's Scariest Mausoleum - Calvin C. Phillips' in Tallahassee, FL
But we are just scratching the surface of this mystery. On 26th of April 2000, a visitor noticed that the original marble door had been cracked open. The cops were called and they were shocked to find out that the casket was open and the skull had been stolen. On one of the walls, a hexagram was drawn with blood, possibly human blood along with the number 322 and on the floor there was a burnt book.  Obviously these are signs of occult rituals which took place the night before, but the most intriguing detail is the missing skull. I mean, they could have taken the entire skeleton, but why did they take the skull and leave the rest? Obviously we can’t help but think of folklore that says one of the few ways to kill a vampire is to tear its head off. Why did they let the body rest there for 81 years and then decide to take the skull? The skull has not been found even as of 2015.
On top of the dome, something weird happens at night
Ghost stories are so many that the Police have to guard the mausoleum on Halloween nights. There is the story of a man with a cane who keeps asking visitors “What time is it”? One person saw an old man with a long beard perched up on top of the dome. As he was looking, the old man flew from there to a gigantic oak tree nearby. A week later, a 15 year old girl was found unconscious not on the ground, but on one of the branches. This oak tree has its own ghost stories, but that's another post. You can check out the Devil's Tree in Florida and the Devil's Tree in New Jersey which are both, pure evil.
The red metal door was put in place after the marble door was broken, and the skull was swiped
This metallic door was put up by authorities who sealed the entrance after the missing skull incident, but before that it had a beautiful marble door. Above the door, you can see his last name Phillips but no first name, no date of birth or death, no other information. This is so weird because this man built his own fabulous mausoleum, possibly the very first mausoleum in Florida, but gives no other information. Most people would die to have their information etched all over the walls. For example, Tallahassee's famous Witch Grave has a ton of information carved on it.
This haunted mausoleum is still shrouded in mystery
And think about it, this mausoleum is just too big for one casket. A person can live inside it. So, what else was in it? Some people believe that Phillips himself came out of the casket at night and walked around and they say they often hear footsteps inside the mausoleum. Some people claim they have seen an apparition sitting on a mourning chair, at nights. I have searched all over this cemetery for this Devil's Chair, but couldn't find it. It was past dusk and I didn't want to hangout there anymore. I am afraid of ghosts, but more afraid of cops, who could arrest me for trespassing. After all, this Cemetery is considered the second most haunted graveyard in Florida, next only to the St. Paul's graveyard in Key West. This means that cops would have enough trouble dealing with thrill seekers and vandals after dark.
The clock tower home of Calvin Phillips which vanished
Remember I said he had a house with a giant clock tower. It was there until 1980s and we even have some pictures of it. But one morning, people of Tallahassee realized that it was just gone, as if the entire tower and the house had evaporated. Till today, nobody has been able to locate it. Now, whether you believe in ghosts or not, you’ve got to admit that this is a pretty strange story. So, is this the most bizarre mausoleum in the world? What do you think? 

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Hello Robin, no, he was an just an older gentleman who knew when his time had come. Will be completing a web page on his life over the next couple of weeks and will post it here when done.

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