Devil's Tree, New Jersey - Why So Evil?

Ever visited the infamous Devil's tree in Bernards Township, New Jersey? This oak tree is said to be more than 250 years old and is considered pure evil. A closer look shows that many people have tried to cut it down and it is now protected with a chain link fence. How does a tree get so much attention? Locals tell you that anyone who disrespects this tree by spitting, peeing on it or simply taunting it will have serious consequences. 

You spit on this tree, you will get a severe case of strep throat. One guy peed on it and hit a deer while driving back. Another guy mocked the tree and had a nose bleed right away. Anyone who touches the tree and tries to eat at a restaurant on the same day will find that his hands have turned black. What makes this tree so evil? Because it has 2 very real stories behind it.

Devil's Tree is located at the intersection of Mountain Road and Emerald Valley Lane

The first story is that this township was the headquarters of Ku Klux Klan in New Jersey. After the defeat in the Civil War, many southern war veterans moved to this part of the state. In fact there were so many of them in this area that there is a place nearby called Rebel Hill. But the most active period of the KKK began right after the movie "The Birth of a nation" in 1915. It is a fact that they lynched numerous black people on this tree. Ironically, these lynchings were led by a Reverend called Carl Mellberg of the Basking Ridge Methodist Church. 
Numerous black people were lynched on the Devil's Tree 
This tree must have been a very convenient place because it is far away from any police station or big cities back then. The KKK often lynched just any black person they could find on this tree simply to show their power. This was not limited to just black men but they also hung black women and children. This is one big reason why locals believe that there are so many trapped souls in this tree and people who put up their ears on the trunk claim that you can hear screaming and begging from inside the tree. Guys who drive by during midnight have also reported seeing hanging bodies swaying from the branches.
People have seen apparitions of hanging bodies, swaying from the branches of the Devil's Tree 
 The second story which is also true is that a farmer who owned a large piece of land in this area, went bankrupt during the great depression. This was a time when farmers began burning corn rather than coal in their stoves because corn was cheaper. Unable to feed his wife and kids,  this farmer brought them here on a nice day for a picnic, killed them all and then hung himself on the tree. Now, with so many homicides and suicide, this tree has a lot of negative energy. Devil worshipers use this energy till date to jinx their enemies. They come here after midnight and place weird objects like the one below in the tree. 
A weird wooden object inserted into the Devil's Tree - used for jinxing enemies
They believe that the trapped souls will transfer their energy on the object if it is placed here for a full lunar cycle. This strange wooden thing was most probably placed by a devil worshiper. He or she would later take this and bury it under the enemy's yard which will bring misfortune to him.
Teens like to hangout at the Devil's Tree, New Jersey
If you visit the tree after dark, you will be followed by a big black truck while driving back. This story seems to have many eyewitness accounts. The truck will follow you up until a certain point and after the road bends, you won't see it. Some say this makes sense because there is a sign that says "park closed 1/2 hours after sunset, violators will be prosecuted" and the park ranger could be driving the black truck. Others say that the sign was only put up recently but this has been happening for many years. Is it possible that there is a sentinel guarding the devil's tree?
Rumor has it that no other tree will grow near the Devil's Tree
Also, right below the devil's tree is a boulder called the heat rock or the devil's rock. It is true that it is unusually warmer than the rest of the area, even during winter. Is it because there is some hidden natural phenomena like hot springs underneath or because of paranormal activity? A while ago, I posted a video about the Devil's Tree in Florida which has an even better story attached to it, but this tree has become so notorious that they are making a movie about it now. True stories like Robert The Haunted Doll have recently been made into movies and Charlie NO FACE is also rumored become a movie project soon. 


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