How does the Hanging Pillar of Lepakshi Temple in India work? Anti-gravity? Levitation?

The Lepakshi temple in India is a very mysterious place. I have roamed around this area for many weeks looking for evidence of Gods. Local stories are very interesting and the people are super-friendly. There are several interesting features in the Veerabhadra Temple (aka Lepakshi temple). I am gonna show you not just the mystery of the hanging pillar, but also show you exactly how it works. Watch the video below or read on. 

In this temple, you can see many people doing the same thing: Put a piece of cloth underneath and slide it around the other side, proving that the pillar is disconnected from the floor. This is considered one of the wonders of India, how did ancient people construct a huge pillar that defies gravity and is hanging in mid air?

These kind of mysteries always interest me, so I decided to visit the temple. Right from the start, I am fascinated by the carvings in this temple, like this cow for example, which shows multiple postures in the same sculpture. Carvings like these are brilliant, they create a video effect. You can cover any two of the three heads, and see what's going on. 

But that’s another post, so I end up at the hanging pillar which attracts thousands of tourists every day. As you can see this is a huge block of granite around 20 feet tall, with brilliant carvings. Now, I just have to prove it to you that this pillar is disconnected from the floor. 

So, I ask this elderly couple who have come with a towel. Watch how they slide the towel on one side, and it goes all the way on the other side. This shows that ancient technology employed anti-gravity and levitation, because there is no way a 20 foot granite block which weighs many tons can hang in mid-air.

So, how does it actually work, and attract thousands of visitors every day? It works, because nobody is showing you the rest of the footage. We have dozens of videos of the this hanging pillar on YouTube, but nobody shows you what happens next: Here is what happens. You can slide a piece of cloth through one end, but you cannot pull it out on the other end. If the pillar is completely disconnected from the floor, we should be able to pull the cloth on the other side. However, the cloth I slide is gonna get stuck in one of the corners. The pillar is not really hanging in mid air, because one of its corners is clearly resting on the floor, which is how it still stands.

 If you examine it closely, you can visually confirm this. The pillar does not employ antigravity or levitation. So, did the ancient people create an imperfect pillar? Well it turns out that the British Government decided to do some repairs during pre-independence era, and attempted to remove the pillar. But they couldn’t, because it was fixed so perfectly, they could only dislodge it. They realized that removing this pillar is impossible, so they left it in this weird position. That is the true story behind this dislodged pillar.

 However, there is a bigger mystery in this temple, that needs to be decoded. Did Giants leave a footprint in this temple?


thanks for describing these architectural nuances! I love reading your blog!

Just because a piece of cloth couldn't made to pass through the space doesn't mean the pillar is resting on one of its corners. The piece of cloth should be sufficiently thin (to the order of a few millimeters or even micrometers) to establish this conclusion.

I accept that it could be an idea but no. It is God's power that has create this amazement and it is proof that Indians were really smart people before the British had invaded. Best believe it is the power of people'd love to god that is doing it. There may be chance that it could be resting on a side but it is not like that 1 millimeter square of area will hold this gigantic pillar and it had been millions of years ago. Come on please if any very religious Hindus saw this post they will be mad.


even if its completly dislocared and hanging from beneath, it can very be susoenedd from above isnt it ? ( just a guess )

The story as I heard is;

The pillar is not levitating. It is hanging from the ceiling. A British officer and engineer trying to unravel the mystery, tried to bring/pull it down (not repairs), and in doing so disturbed the alignment of the frescoes on the ceiling. So he left it at that, and hence one edge might be touching the ground now.

I learned a New thing today.
Your blog is perfectly scientific
I love it

hey get ur facts right.


Old, Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh 515331, India

I read this while sitting on the toilet.

That's exactly what I was going to say.. Some British guy disturbed the structure therefore it is now "resting on one corner"

Thanks for explaining the science behind the pillar. Most people are easily fooled by misconceptions.

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