The Ancient Handbag of Lord Shiva Found in India - What does it Contain?

I found a thousand year old carving in the ancient temple of Gangaikonda Cholapuram which shows something very strange - A handbag hanging on a tree. Watch the video below or read on. 

Carvings of handbags are found in many ancient sites around the world, but this is the first time it has ever been spotted in India. This temple is estimated to be built around 1025 A.D which is a thousand years ago. In this video, let us examine who this person is, why is the bag hanging from a tree branch and most importantly, what's inside this mysterious bag.
But, this is the first question we must ask ourselves: Is it  possible that this is just a simple handbag which was used to hold ordinary objects? Does the carving below, show an ancient man, using a handbag just like what we do today? The answer is no. Because the carving does not show a human being, but Lord Shiva who is considered the supreme God in Hinduism. This is clear when you see the characteristic features like the little demon below his feet and a snake in his arm.
Many depictions of Shiva show the exact same features - the little demon and the snake, confirming that this is in fact, Lord Shiva. According to many religious experts, Shiva is the first God and all other gods arrived on earth, after him. Around the world, there are many deities carved with the same handbag. The Sumerian Gods have it, the site of Gobekli tepe has the same carving, and they have also been found in New Zealand and Central America. 
Experts don't know what was inside these handbags and they do not want to agree that handbags existed many thousand years ago. Why is this? Because historians and archeologists claim that all these Gods are fictional characters who did not use physical items like handbags. So, they come up with some abstract, philosophical explanation. They explain that the strap of the bag, which looks like a semi-circle, represents the hemisphere of the sky and the solid, flat base represents the earth. Therefore, they say that the Gods are shown holding the symbol of heavenly and earthly powers. But these "experts" would not have expected us to find a carving like this in India. It is not shown in the hands of Shiva, but hanging from a tree branch. This clearly proves that this was not a mere symbol, but an actual handbag which contained something very important. But there is another surprising clue in the same carving. 
You can pause the video if you want and try to find out what it is. The carving shows not one handbag, but two. On the other side of the tree, another handbag is shown hanging, but you can only see the strap. The rest of the bag is not seen because it is behind Lord Shiva's dreadlocks. This clearly proves that these bags were not just symbols, because symbols are always shown in full, in order to be understood. This was an actual handbag, a physical object, which is why it is shown partially.

So, what would Lord Shiva, the God of unlimited power, carry with him at all times? And why were these bags hanged on a tree, why did he not just place them on the ground? Have you ever noticed why we never place batteries on the ground? 
Almost always, we use a non-conductor like wood or plastic before placing batteries on ground. It is common knowledge not to place batteries on ground because it tends to drain rather quickly, and if there is a leak, you will lose all power instantly because of its contact with earth.

Did ancient Gods use portable power supplies? Is this handbag, a high powered battery which was used for machining technology and other scientific purposes. Is this why we can see many carvings of gods holding a battery in one hand, and a machining tool in the other?
In my videos, I have not only shown you evidence of ancient machining technology but also a 4000 year old battery used in India. Are all these evidences just coincidences, or is Shiva, the most powerful God, shown here using an actual power source? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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I a sure this is not a handbag, this should be a "kamandalu", used as a water bottle. please search for "hindu kamandalu" in google images..

As Biju commented rectangular 'kamandalus' might have been fashionable in the world at one time!
C K P Nair

Your research work and unfolding of the mysteries from our ancient cultures and civilizations is amazing and awe inspiring
But sir you must take caution and work with a team when you explore the undiscovered or unknown regions as you are doing the most arduous task and enlightening us
We eagerly wait for your new videos
Hope to see some finding related to recent discoveries of ancient civilization traced near BAGHPAT IN UP

You are doing well ... Keep it grow ....

Why do people steal their content and give no credit? I first wrote in comments on youtube that these were batteries, but days later when the video went up was given no credit
Brett All cover UFO magazine

Rather egotistical to think that the idea was yours alone.

Dear Praveen,

Security, ever thought of it. You may require security re: your travels in India.

Please consider.

Dear Praveen Mohan,
I was thinking about the blue people high and common status that show up in your antient paintings. Its possible the people were blue as a result of using colloidal silver as a either curative/ritual treatment. There was no Federal Drug Commission (FDA) back then to quantify or define what was safe and worthy use of such medically applied substances. I do know that if you use too much colloidal silver your skin will turn blue permanently. Given this consideration I believe the blue skinned people are evidence of ancient people using electrolysis, created from direct current created by batteries.

Sir IAM venkatesh from India I want how to difine Temple trecures simbles.

Please schedule an interview with sadguru jakki vasudev.

Battery ok what is magic? Free energy. Mybe the bag is the antenna.

Love all your work ,, these bags carried by “The Seven” are expressed everywhere in ancient temples and art.. the one i found most shocking is the one in the first depiction of Quetzalcoatl.. Monument 19 from La Venta.. that one is rarely mentioned as well but its there.. as were “The Seven” ;)

Amaravati Indian looted treasure in British Muesume

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