Robert The Doll - Hurting People For Over A Century

I am sure you have possessed at least one doll in your childhood. But what if the doll possessed you? One such creepy figure does exist in East Martello Museum, Key West, Florida. 
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Robert the Doll which inspired the movie Chucky, sits right in the center of the museum. If you ever get a chance to visit him, don’t take a picture of him, before asking for his permission to do so. Every year, he receives hundreds of letters of apology, from former skeptics who took pictures without his permission.  So what’s the story behind Robert the Doll? To understand this, we have to travel to a big Victorian mansion called the Artist house, a few miles away. 
The home of Robert of the Doll, Key West
"Artist House" -where the painter, Robert Eugene Otto lived 
It is called the Artist house because an artist, a painter grew up here. His name was Robert Eugene Otto.When his mother was 4 months pregnant, she sends her husband to the Bahamas to find 4 helpers including a woman to take care of the baby. The trip took a little bit longer than it should have, the nanny became pregnant and Mrs. Otto is not too happy with who the father is.

So now, this young Bahamian girl has to spend 9 months locked up inside an outhouse in the backyard. If that’s not terrible, she is only fed bread and water once a day. When her own child was born, it only survives 2 months, obviously because of the mother’s starvation. Mrs. Otto is a tough slave driver; she keeps all the servants including the woman, and made the woman take care of Robert Eugene Otto, who is now a few months old.  Now, you’d probably expect the Bahamian woman to take her vengeance out on Robert, but she fell in love with this baby, even breast fed him and took him on as if he were her own. Things go smooth for a while until Mrs. Otto walks into her backyard on a full moon night to see the 4 Bahamian servants performing Santeria. What is Santeria? It is a recognized religion which started in Cuba – it’s a mix of Voodoo, Catholicism and animal sacrifices. Now, Mrs. Otto is shocked to see her 4 helpers cutting the head of a live chicken, she freaks out.

The next morning, she makes everyone pack their bags and is ready to ship them back to Bahamas. The nanny begs Mrs. Otto not to be separated from Robert. She not only lost her first child, but in a way she is losing her second child. But there is no going back once Mrs. Otto makes up her mind. So, she makes a parting gift for Robert, a three foot doll, black buttons for eyes, cloth for skin. 
Robert the Doll - inspired the movie Chucky
Robert The Doll - Currently Resides in East Martello Museum, Key West
The doll looks creepy enough, but what’s more creepy the Doll becomes Robert Gene Otto’s only playmate on the island. He would be spotted walking up and down this street talking to the doll.

Now, As soon as the nanny left, bad things started to happen in the house. Things would end up missing or broken. Being the only child, Robert Gene gets blamed for everything.  But his reaction was very strange. As his mother would start to yell at him, she might go “Robert Eugene Otto” –full name, the old fashioned way of reprimanding a child, right?  He would stop her and say “Don’t you ever call me that again”. He would point at the doll and say he is Robert and I am Gene. He gave the doll his own first name and kept his own middle name for himself. Gene did this every time the blame game came up “I didn’t do, Robert did it”
Robert the Doll Did it
Young Gene would often say: "I didn't do it, Robert did it!"
Years pass by, now Gene is a 19 year old man and he is still walking up and down the street with Robert. At this point the family decides to move to France, they pack up the entire house, everything except Robert the doll who gets locked in a trunk and left behind in the attic.
Robert the Doll has a ghastly appearance with ghostly powers
Does Robert really have paranormal powers? 
Gene, now without Robert starts to become more sociable in France. He meets a lovely girl and eventually they get married. As a wedding present they get the house that Gene grew up in, so they move back into the house. Now, Gene goes up in the attic and comes across a trunk, he has no idea what’s in there, opens it up. Out comes Robert and now, we have a grown married man walking up and down the street carrying a doll and talking to it. Ann, who is his wife gets pissed at this quirkiness, so she asks him to keep the doll confined to the turret.The turret is that big round thing on top of the house.Gene agrees. After a few years, Gene becomes abusive and will sometimes even beat Ann. One time, as Ann was inspecting the old outhouse in the back yard all by herself, Gene shuts the door and locks her in the outhouse for 3 days. Wait, it was not Gene, it was .. Robert and yes it is the same outhouse the Bahamian Nanny was locked in for 9 months.
Robert the Doll is the main attraction at East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida
As years pass by, things get stranger, Gene builds a bed, a chair and a couch all built to scale for Robert. Sometimes Ann could hear Gene begging Robert not to hurt him. Gene starts to insist that Robert should be fed first, because he was now the master of the house.  In the evenings, kids would gather in front of the house, point right at the turret and say “the doll...It moves”.
Robert the Doll resided at the Turret of the Artist House
The turret at the Artist House, where Robert was seen moving around by himself
 Footsteps would be heard in the turret, even when Gene was not there.  In 1974, Gene was found dead in the turret and Robert was seen on top of him. Not hugging him, but with his hands around Gene’s neck.
After Gene’s death, Ann leased the house and moved back to France: , leaving the doll: In the lease there was a clause that said, Robert must be the sole occupant of the attic room.

Beware of Robert the Doll!
The new owners put up with him for a few years, but one night they found Robert in their bedroom with a kitchen knife in his hand. So they gave Robert to the East Martello Museum.  

Robert the Doll moving caught on tape
Why is Robert locked up in a glass cell?
He wasn’t always put in a closed glass case.  During his first year in the Museum, Robert was placed just like all the regular objects. But one morning, the person who opened the door found the whole place ransacked. Of course, nothing was missing, but Robert’s shoes were covered in dust and was found sitting in a different place.  From the letters sent by former non-believers you can see that bad things happened to whoever made fun of him, or people who did not ask his permission before taking pictures. 
Robert punished people and they send apology letters
One of the apology letters sent to Robert. Always ask for his consent before laying eyes on him!
These people lost their jobs, marriages and houses. One guy got a ticket as soon as he pulled out of the parking lot. Most people believe he has a very real Santeria curse on him and if you don’t ask his permission before laying eyes on him, bad things will happen to you. Wait, did you ask for his permission before reading this page?

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Just viewing the images of Robert ONLINE will get you cursed! And those images can be hard to avoid!

If you think it's "safe" to view YouTube images and thumbnail pictures of Robert, you better think again!!! Robert is particularly agitated by the Internet because most of the people viewing his photos do NOT have his permission! Yes he DOES see and know when someone views his online pics! When it comes to Robert, .... DONT EVEN "GOOGLE" HIM!!! Yes he is VERY much aware of you even though you've never been to that museum! I know this firsthand, because about a week after I viewed "images" of Robert, I came down with cellulitis: An extremely painful infection that causes a high fever and turns the lower half of your leg into a shiny red stocking!!! I cannot put ANY weight on it at all! The pain is incredible! I'm currently in the hospital with this, and the strong antibiotics are NOT working as they should be!!! If this does not improve, the Doctor says he'll have to take x-rays!!! No joke! Just a coinsidence? Perhaps. But then again!!!

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