Hidden Underground Zone of Taj Mahal - 1000 Year Old Secret?

At the Taj Mahal, we can see a mysterious passage on the floor that goes directly underground. Watch the video below or read on.

Now, if we take a closer look, it is not only locked with meshed metal doors, but if you look inside the doors, it has been covered with wooden boards. This not only means that you are not allowed to enter this passage, but you are also not even allowed to see what's inside. Where is this underground passage going? 
This is located just outside the main structure of Taj Mahal, but if we walk inside the Taj Mahal, you can see yet another massive passage that goes underground. This is also locked, but there is a sign that says don't stop here or take pictures of this closed passage. 
Why should a sealed passage, not be photographed? Does Taj Mahal really have a secret basement underneath?  Authorities reluctantly accept that Taj Mahal does have an underground area and they say that there is a chamber which contains the tombs of King Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz. But at ground level, we can also see two more tombs which are also the tombs of the same King and Queen. Why would any dead person need two tombs, one at ground level and other in the underground? They say that the underground chamber and tombs are also made of white marble, just like the rest of the Taj Mahal, which is entirely made of white marble. But is the Taj Mahal, made completely out of white marble?
To understand the truth, let's go to a side where visitors never go. We have to go into the nearby river, and then observe what's going on. You can see that it has a huge base which is not made of white marble, but is made of red sandstone. In fact all the structures surrounding the Taj Mahal are made of red sandstone. This is best visible from the river side. Remember the underground passage which was sealed off in plain sight? This is also located on the river side - The passage is clearly made of red sandstone, but look at the material on the floor, this is also red sandstone. On the river side, there is something very interesting hiding in plain sight - Did you notice this strange rectangle on the basement?
 This is one of the entrances that directly leads into the underground zone of Taj Mahal.
How do we know this? 
Because an American Architect by the name of Marvin Mills took clear pictures of this in 1974, and it had wooden doors, but was locked, so he couldn't see what was inside. 
He took a small piece of wood from the door and sent it for radio carbon dating and the result showed that the wood pre-dates Taj Mahal by at least 250 years. Immediately after this information hit the newspapers, authorities removed the wooden door and sealed it off with bricks and plaster, which is why it appears in a different color now.  
Why is the government repeatedly sealing off all the entrances leading to the underground zone of Taj Mahal? Authorities have come up with a rather strange explanation. According to them, the basement contains mummified bodies of the King and Queen. If these bodies are exposed to the atmosphere, they will get contaminated. They say this is why all the entrances to the basement have been completely sealed off, to keep the basement airtight. This is really strange because the floor of the Taj Mahal is full of ventilation shafts which directly go underground. If you look through, they are so deep, that it just becomes dark. If authorities are really preventing the exposure of the mummies, which are already sealed inside marble tombs, why did they leave these vents open? Why do they have to close only the bigger holes, through which human beings can enter?
It's easy to understand that authorities don't care about the air going in, but just don't want human beings to enter the underground zone. If the basement of Taj Mahal merely contains the tombs of the King and Queen, why do we see multiple passages to access the same chamber? And why does the carbon dating evidence on the wooden door show that it was created centuries before the Taj Mahal?
Is it possible that the basement and the rest of the structures around the Taj Mahal were built centuries before King Shah Jahan? To understand this, we have to read the book called Padshahnama written by the court historians of King Shah Jahan. This book explains the King's decision to build Taj Mahal in memory of the Queen, but the same book actually proves that the rest of the structures around it were already in place.

It explicitly mentions that King Shah Jahan did not construct the Taj Mahal on a vacant land, but instead bought the ancestral palace or mansion from another King called Jai Singh, and then constructed the white marble structure in that place.
Some historians have tried to cover this fact by arguing that the word 'Manzil' means a tiny resting place, and not a mansion or palace. I have attached two pictures below which are Chattar Manzil in Lucknow and Errum Manzil in Telengana. This clearly validates that there was a palace at the site of Taj Mahal.
Chattar Manzil at Lucknow 

Errum Manzil at Telengana
Okay, back to Taj Mahal. If King Shah Jahan wanted to build the Taj Mahal, he could have built it anywhere in the same area, the entire area is still vacant. But instead, he chose to buy an existing structure and built the Taj Mahal on it. Why did he do this? Because constructing the Taj Mahal, the white marble structure itself is a monumental project. In fact, King Shah Jahan almost became bankrupt because of it.  If he chose to build the Taj Mahal on a vacant land, especially near the river, the expenses and efforts would double because he would have to create a massive foundation.  
The aerial view, actually confirms that the basement and the rest of the structures were built a long time before the Taj Mahal. All the ancient structures were built completely out of Red Sandstone and bricks and resemble a fort. 
These were merely modified by King Shah Jahan by adding white marble domes on top. This is a very clever architectural modification, because we cannot understand this from the ground view at all.  
Now, let's go back to the underground zone of Taj Mahal.  It is clear that this zone predates Taj Mahal, but what's inside? Is it possible that the basement actually holds an ancient secret, which the authorities do not want us to find out? Did you notice the coins strewn on top of the sealed passage?

These are religious offerings by locals, who believe that the underground structure is a temple of ancient Gods. Locals refer to this temple as the Badalgarh temple, and claim that it stretches underground for many, many miles.
So, I searched Google maps for Badalgarh, and the closest Badalgarh is about 270 miles away. Can an ancient temple stretch underground for 270 miles?  This seems kind of impossible, so I began hunting the nearby areas, and then I find something very interesting at this magnificent fort called the Agra fort. This is just 2 miles away from Taj Mahal. The original name of Agra fort was Badalgarh, this is confirmed by historians and archeologists. But again, we can see the same pattern - historians clearly state this structure was merely modified by King Akbar, who is the grandfather of King Shah Jahan. You can see that while the main structures are made of red sandstone, the domes are all made of different material. 
This is a breathtaking fort, but there is only one thing I am looking for: An underground passage or at least a small tunnel.
And, not surprisingly: There is a huge rectangular passage that goes straight underground, and has meshed doors, but again you can see that it's locked. I am told by the tour guide that this is in fact an old passage that goes underground, and is not used any more but has been locked by authorities to prevent anyone from falling in and having accidents.

Now, the problem is, it is locked from the inside of the passage, this is why you don't see a key hole on this side of the lock. This means that at least one person is inside this passage, as we speak, there should be no doubt about this. Who is using these underground facilities and why? And again, why do we see similar ventilation shafts going vertically down all over the Agra fort as well?
And here, in plain sight, we can see stairs that go down. As usual, this is also locked, but at least we can see what's inside. This is not just a small tunnel,  but you can see a huge volume, they have and there is something very interesting here: A dome shaped arch, very typical of Mughal architecture. The first look into this forbidden zone shows that these constructions may not be ancient, they were in fact built by King Akbar or by his descendants. And then, I manage to peep through a hole. 
Here we can see some solid evidence that the underground structures belong to ancient times, the 8 faceted pillar, with a square base which is found in almost all ancient Indian temples. In fact, there is a name for this in ancient Indian texts, it is called astakona skambha.  
You can see these multi-faceted pillars in almost any ancient temple in India, even the musical pillars of Hampi, are multifaceted. Note that the pillar is also made of  red sandstone - the same material which makes up Taj Mahal's basement. And these are newer brick walls built centuries later, modifying the ancient underground structure.

And look at this area, a similar octagonal pillar has been removed because it was interfering with the newer brick construction. It is evident that king Akbar or Shah Jahan constructed these newer walls , which is why they look fresh, but the pillar looks much older. This proves that there is an ancient underground structure that is being hidden from us, on top of which both this fort and the Taj Mahal are built.  Remember I said, the distance between the Taj Mahal and Agra fort is about 2 miles. 
This is how the Taj Mahal looks from the Agra fort. This means a vast underground city stretches between them, much like the underground city of Ellora caves.
So, what do you think? Why do we have a sealed basement inside the Taj Mahal? What is behind this entry way that goes underground? Why are the locals worshipping this passage? What about the radio carbon dating of the wooden door? Why did authorities immediately cover it with bricks? How do we explain these ventilation shafts? Why is this door locked on the inside at the Agra Fort, which is miles away from Taj Mahal? What about the ancient pillar found inside? More importantly, why are all these places locked? In my mind, there is no doubt, that there is a secret underground facility of some sort, an ancient mystery kept hidden from us. What about you? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 


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Fantastic effort! Very informative & enlightening!
Well the rotten stink of "sickular" Indian politics, operative till very recently, naturally comes to mind.

Dear Mr Mohan,
I love all your work, your on site research is fantastic. I was wondering if you could use a drone, with a cam , to fly in through some of the openings and explore them. Probably best done without letting anyone see you do it.

Your facts about Hindustan culture is awesome.love your videos

what happened to your new vid you tube said its has been removed

For me it is clear that there is an underground "city" existing and that "tombs" the Taj Mahal do not contain anything: they are resonant boxes.

Why there is spouts in hindu temples??is it mean to cool something?

Great work by Praveen Mohan with scientific analysis

We too have such temples in South India where we have under ground tunnels which connect king's private chamber in case of emergency no research has been done due to lack of funds please do some research on this.

Sir please visit Bhuleshwar temple near pune, Maharashtra..

you can request government for observation through "cosmic-ray muons".
or great archeologists can request indian government..and you know our govt...


Hi Praveen, excellent work. Why don,t you compile a book regarding all the work you have done. Approach the govt or rich Hindus who would be proud to have a book published on ancient indian archiloghy/artifacts. Also compile a 2 to 3hr long documentary on the work you have done.

Great Job Praveen. Shall we make a group and explore the secrets of Taj Mahal to the billions of people of the world about the truth of Taj Mahal.

Hello! Have you visited ancient shiva temple in ambarnath-near mumbai??


Man even if you're on any propaganda that doesn't hide your brilliance on the subject, kudos to that tenacious tactics of your's P M sir. But after all of this not only you left haunting questions for those who would rather like to die ( or probably kill someone if needs to in this case) than answer, but sir don't you think you have also made yourself vulnerable to any adversaries???????
I will be keep Chanting Om Namaha Shivaay till Someone like you won't prove that """Om""" wasn't originated in Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma,""Om"" is very secular & Multi-Versal and beyound our known Cosmos.Likewise hope we all may live long enough to see the deciphering revealings of the phenomenonal mysteries as put down by the Legendary Praveen Mohan!

Sir Abhaneri (near Baandikui) deserves your attention very dearly!!!

Jeff Bezos might have become 100 Billion mark 1st human in the modern history but sir ,,,,,,, I believe something more than this has to be achieved before you retire, Don't you????

Hello Bharat H. Love all ur videos keep them coming. Love how you start each video with "Hey Guys."Information u share is important! Spreading true knowledge is ur calling. Love and Light to YOU and Family.

Hi Pravin,

I am agreed with your findings. Dr. P N Oak had already tried to prove that taj Mahal is a hindu temple... Existence of Teja Mahal was so old that C14 test proved its truthfulness.

To change the history is really a tough work.

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Please send mail id. I want share photos of talakad temple

The ASI govt of India must support and facilitate the great reaserch work to unearth the mysteries deliberately or otherwise withheld from public domain

Shri Pravin,
I salute you for your untiring efforts and commitment towards unearthing the real "भारत"... which's been looted, ransacked and brainwashed by invaders for a thousand years.Those barbarians could massacre us.But they couldn't kill our SOUL,rich ethos and culture,They couldn't convert us to their satanic religions.Just a matter of some time India would be a Vishwaguru once again.. ||कालो हि दुरतिक्रमः||
and all its citizens become enlightened of their real past.
|| नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः । न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ॥

I think u must must see this link Praveen sir https://youtu.be/R_9Sc5roYkw . This may turn out to be a new topic for you. Notice these analysis are made by a foreigner, I request you to have a look on it.

Your well wisher.

Very good find, however if you have noticed the underground areas that you managed to capture footage of through one of the designs at Agra fort appears to be very clean. A passage that is locked for months tend to gather a lot of dust.
This means that the passage is still inhabited and under use by someone.

With NDA govt in Central and UP there should be no problem in opening the under ground passage to verify the truth,so why don't take Govt help.

Yeah ! I am with you. I want to know the all answer.I want to go to the basement of taj mahal. If you can know new anything about it, just let me know.Thank you very much

Praveen, its not that just monetary support you should ask for, even there should be moral support from the public to get the court permission to study the internals passages and area related to Taj Mahal. You are the right person to understand the history of this beautiful monument. Indian Govn has done ultimate damage to indian history and trying all possibility to erase the history. One and only possible solution is via legal approaches and permission to study the site by Praveen and His team. Public should support him

Great job Mr Mohan..
I started reading your blog just today morning and now till 9pm I have become a great fan of your posts.
These are great with scientific analysis :-)

I have enjoyed every one of your videos. I myself think that we are lied to. How can you be an expert on a lost culture. Why do they think history is complete? 90 percent of the world is under water. You make more sense than any of them

Praveen, you are a remarkable man. I find your analysis of the enigmatic Indian Temples sensational. Whilst the mainstream scientific doctrine for like history is without a doubt, a worldwide rouse, proven over and over. Your approach is apparently honest, descriptive in a way that even a layman can comprehend and entirely interesting and educational. Wicked work my friend, absolutely wicked work.....I too salute you and your team efforts for bringing this to us.....many lies have been told through out history...with every post you help close the gap between the lies and the truth.
Thank you.

Want to work with you and share you some hypothesis....email me back

Your facts and thoughts about Ancient Indian culture was awesome.

Hi Praveen,

Please visit Shrawasti in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Buddha spent many years to meditate, there are many excavation sites there which are quite interesting and mysterious at the same time.

Youre explanation is interesting but one thing is that domes were built with different material than the below structure , its mainly because the redstone is heavy which cant be used in domes as domes require a very lighter material so it can reduce load and easily curved therefore white marbel is used which is a lighter material and softer ,so it can be shaped easily and load is reduced .

The missing pillar is possibly a problem. As with most ancient ruins the resonance chambers create a type of transceiver. There are ways to create a signal that goes out of the structure. The signals went out usualy traveling much faster than light. Sort of like a laser beam. It goes beyond the solar system and at certain times lines up with the event horizon of what is known as a black hole. The beam will curve due to the nature of said black hole and for a brief time the signal gets turned around back to earth. The Taj Mahal is a place that can be prepaired to do just that. And it has been done in the past. People permantly distroy these types of structures because they have limitations placed on their intelect.

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Enjoyed your thought provoking item. Keep up the GREAT WORK and hopefully one day the mysteries will be solved - again thanks for your effort.

Great vid. What an insight. Indeed an indepth research. What are these authorities that keep the world in dark by locking up those doors in name of safety. It seems either they are too lazy to take up the responsibilities for the truth or they are plain racists in the face. Can't a petition be filed to explore those locked doors and modifications of structures by white marbles. There have been many historical places locked for thousands of years and opened to explore the facts than why not here.
If anyone finds a petition than please do let us know for our support.
Thank you

Why can't you give your name? But secularism

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I felt I would be happy if I can meet Dr Padmakar Vishnu Vartak. I tried to connect to him but I learnt about his sad demise. It's hard to find such researchers in literature. I can only wait to find someone who is as strong as him to put forth my research for an author help. venugopalraju.lok@gmail.com

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